If you really want a long distance relationship to work, there are three things you need: trust, patience and decent WiFi.
Every glitch in your relationship is a billion times more intense when you’re long distance. Despite all the free ways to communicate, the occasional standard phone call is inevitable. Who Is Vida Guerra Dating Right Now?Vida Guerra is currently single.Vida Guerra Dating HistoryVida Guerra has had 1 public relationship dating back to 2006.

When he flew out to see me I practically ran to JFK and from the moment he appeared through customs we had an utterly amazing week, taking New York by storm and repeating stories we’d told on Skype but now seemed brand new because we were telling them in person. Last month I threw my phone at a wall after listening to a muffled voice which kept cutting out for ten minutes. His hilariously affectionate drunk phone calls on the way home from the pub when I was just sitting down to dinner were worth the cost of receiving the call. I flipped once when my boyfriend went out with a female friend and then didn’t answer his phone.

If you really want it to, there are three things you need: trust, patience and decent WiFi.
In hindsight, female friends are nothing to be scared of and he was in a loud bar, but that didn’t stop me phoning him repeatedly at 4am.

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