Dating apps are generally addressed to anyone in search of a soulmate, but there is one particular app that has a few more requirements for its members, which means that not just anyone can join in. The founder of The League, Amanda Bradford, is a Stanford graduate and a former Google employee, and it is no wonder that she wanted to create an exclusivist app for the elite.
The app has its own algorithm which does a background check of the person and decides whether they are fit to become a part of the select few.
There is, however, another way of getting in even though you might not meet all the criteria.

Unlike its counterparts which are designed for common people and which use Facebook to create a profile, The League relies on LinkedIn to gather all the information needed.
If by any chance you manage to get in, then you will receive no more than five possible high-achieving partners a day, so if you are not satisfied with any of them, then you will have to wait until the next day for another round of matches. The app is available for download in the App Store, and although anyone is free to take it down, the spot among the top-notch users is not guaranteed.
If you have a high-end friend who is considered fit to join in, then he can send you an invitation.

As long as your LinkedIn profile shows that you are an ambitious young man or woman focused on your career, then you’re good.

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