With 22 years of marriage under her belt, Christine knows intimately what it takes to transcend the past in order to allow yourself to create and sustain a love that withstands the test of time. With an educational background and successful careers in training, healing, and musical performance, Tessa brings her capacity for intuitive listening and inspiration and her knowledge of sacred ceremony to guide you on your path to find love. Kim is passionate about her work with Dating with Dignity because in addition to being a practicing licensed therapist for 10 years, she’s also gone through a personal journey of her own and really understands how empowering a transformation can be. Enter your info below so I can send you 3 secret training videos that'll help you get the man you want! Smart, successful women make 3 huge mistakes that absolutely kill their chances with the alpha males who are looking for committed relationships. Roosh has reinvented his Bang releases into a full program that includes publications of “Day Bang” among others.
Roosh V has received spotlight in many American publications including receiving reviews in Huffington post. In one his books” Bang—More Lays in 60 Days”, he teaches men how the tricks of approaching women to have sex without having to wait for long. Roosh travel guides are about teaching men on how to hook up with girls in other countries.
He coaches amazing women who are short on confidence to unveil the brilliant, sexy woman hiding underneath. As your coach, Tessa will help you connect to your personal power, improve your communication skills, and find lasting and fulfilling love. He is based in the United States and has written many works in the dating industry besides providing coaching to clients.
Roosh coaching style involves teachings about overcoming international barriers in dating from which he has build a whole series of travel guides as well.

His popular and successful pick up teachings includes “30 Bangs “, “Day Bang “, and “The 9 Immutable Laws of Pickup”.
On the other hand, he advice men to try to meet women in lots of different scenarios such as on the streets, coffee shops, and shopping malls but not to only rely on bars and night clubs.
He advices men on their chance of hooking up with girls based on his rating on different cities he has visited around the world. His clients walk away empowered to lead better lives where romantic connections are a natural benefit, not an end game.
Since the success of his Bang releases, his travel guides have been broadcasted in most European TV and radio stations.
Even though Roosh has got all this success, he still does not see himself as a pick up artist, but says his fans can call him that if they wish. He gives specific information for each city on what to do during the day, where to sleep, and what spots to hang out at night. He has a degree in Microbiology and during his College days, he started blogging in his own blog “DC Bachelor”, which shaped his path to becoming A Pick up artist. His European publication “Bang Iceland” became quite successful and expects “Don’t Bang Denmark” to also perform well.
The blog was just about random thoughts on his different dating experiences, which turned out teaching men how to approach women. She is your girl next-door, wing woman, trusted confident and expert love adviser all rolled into a super fun, vibrant and gorgeous package. No matter what phase you are in the dating process, whether you’re just starting out, actively dating or in a committed relationship, Deanna can coach you through every part of it.
Roosh first publication “Bang” was published after he spent half year in South America then came back to the US before going back to South America for one more year.

Her YouTube channel has millions of views and is full of practical love and dating advice for men.
His experienced while staying in South America inspired him to write his third book “Bang Columbia”. He recently aligned with Patty Stagner, The Millionaire Matchmaker giving sound dating advice to Stagner's elite matchmaking clientele. How do I describe what meeting and working with David is like? He lives and breaths confidence — I have yet to see him uncomfortable in any situation. As someone who has spent a lifetime supporting single men throughout their dating and relationship journey, I’ve invited David to speak several times as a keynote speaker at the iDate industry awards to share his climb to best dating coach success. She combines therapy, in-field date coaching, NLP and personal styling to help people with their personal and dating lives.I've had the honor of working with Kimberly and viewing the makeover miracles she performs. She is Los Angeles-based but works with clients all over the world to help them recognize and transform into their most beautiful self.
She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, and stars in the upcoming reality dating show, The Romance.
The dating landscape is constantly evolving, making it challenging for a single guy to simply find, meet, attract and connect with single women. The more you invest in your personal dating development, the faster you'll be on your way to having fun with someone special.The coaching I do with my personal clients both online and offline has impacted them in an immediate, life changing way. Whatever your dating dilemma, the best dating coaches are available to help you take corrective action and change your love life for the better!

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