Roosh has reinvented his Bang releases into a full program that includes publications of “Day Bang” among others. Roosh V has received spotlight in many American publications including receiving reviews in Huffington post. In one his books” Bang—More Lays in 60 Days”, he teaches men how the tricks of approaching women to have sex without having to wait for long. Roosh travel guides are about teaching men on how to hook up with girls in other countries. She is incredibly insightful and has an amazing understanding of what it takes for a man to successfully date the quite woman. Till now, Mark Manson or Entropy PUA has given more than forty public presentations in different parts of the world, and has worked with more than thousand men in twelve different countries.
According to Entropy, good looks, sex, status, or money should be the metrics for success, rather growth, significance, and happiness are the true metrics. He is based in the United States and has written many works in the dating industry besides providing coaching to clients.
Roosh coaching style involves teachings about overcoming international barriers in dating from which he has build a whole series of travel guides as well. His popular and successful pick up teachings includes “30 Bangs “, “Day Bang “, and “The 9 Immutable Laws of Pickup”. On the other hand, he advice men to try to meet women in lots of different scenarios such as on the streets, coffee shops, and shopping malls but not to only rely on bars and night clubs. He advices men on their chance of hooking up with girls based on his rating on different cities he has visited around the world. Hadassa has been a wing girl for Kezia Noble since 2007, and he gained vast experienced and wide understanding over these years, so she knows what men need to do to achieve results when dating women. Many men are attracted to the quite kind of woman, rather than extrovert ones, but don’t know how to approach that kind. Hadassa was once this kind of woman that she even couldn’t talk or make eye contact to shop assistants, or strangers. He likes to live a free life without burdening his life with too much of materialistic things.

If you accomplish these metrics in your life then status, money, and sex will automatically come to you. Since the success of his Bang releases, his travel guides have been broadcasted in most European TV and radio stations. Even though Roosh has got all this success, he still does not see himself as a pick up artist, but says his fans can call him that if they wish.
He gives specific information for each city on what to do during the day, where to sleep, and what spots to hang out at night. She used to be a “shy girl”, thus she understands what goes on in a “shy girl’s” mind when being approached by a man.
Furthermore, little information is available from other pick-up artists on how to successfully seduce a quite kind of woman. She advises men to make shy girls feel as comfortable as possible when talking to them as this helps them reveal more about themselves with confidence and self assertion. When she began working in the pick-up community, she knew she would have to overcome her excessive shyness for her to be successful in training men and women. In the year 2007, he completed his graduation from Boston University and started his journey in the field of PUA.
This is the reason why he owns just three things – a cellphone, a laptop, and a suitcase packed with clothes. This is the reason why he put more emphasis on confronting or dealing with your own emotions, beliefs and values.
He has a degree in Microbiology and during his College days, he started blogging in his own blog “DC Bachelor”, which shaped his path to becoming A Pick up artist. His European publication “Bang Iceland” became quite successful and expects “Don’t Bang Denmark” to also perform well. So, Hadassa understands what shy people are going through and explain to them the good tips that help them overcome the crippling effect shyness has on dating.
Once you accomplish it, the change would be positive, real, and definitely a permanent one. The blog was just about random thoughts on his different dating experiences, which turned out teaching men how to approach women.
She is patient but firm, and has great attention to detail, which has helped hundreds of men approach women successfully.

She teaches her students to always practice the hard way to overcome their shyness as she herself did. As a result, he quit his day job in the year 2008, so that he can completely focus on his website and internet business.
It is not just about meeting and enticing women, but also how to improve the quality of life. Whereas Kezia is an alpha extrovert, Hadassa Noble is more of an introvert; therefore she helps men who want to attract more shy and initially more non responsive women.
He has spent several nights in the deserts of Israel; performed meditation under the tree, apparently where the Buddha achieved enlightenment.
Roosh first publication “Bang” was published after he spent half year in South America then came back to the US before going back to South America for one more year.
While talking, she felt very uncomfortable; her blood running cold, finger tingling and such. Not just that, he has even skydived over New Zealand and went for a run along with bank of river Danube. His experienced while staying in South America inspired him to write his third book “Bang Columbia”. So, it clearly shows his penchant for an adventurous life, which he usually fulfills by travelling across the globe. Hadassa Noble says the more shy men and women practice this, the more fear becomes less eventually leading to the defeat of shyness. These and among others such teachings is what Hadassa does best, helping shy men and women overcome shyness so they can successfully approach and date each other.

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