Just wait until you see all the writing prompts- you’ll be able to write the perfect personalized love letter in a matter of minutes!
We collaborated with the super talented Courtney of All Things Bright and Beautiful to create a one-of-a-kind all-occasion love note pack. There are over 100 unique designs to choose from as you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new years, and SO MUCH MORE throughout the year! If you’ve never printed on Sticky Notes before, our handy instruction sheet will walk you through the steps.
Don’t just wait for a birthday or anniversary to communicate your feelings… make TODAY special!
This print-ready bundle will definitely help you pull off the perfect romantic birthday or anniversary love letter surprise!  Celebrate these BIG moments in style!  Our gorgeous designs + YOUR unique wishes = 1 Meaningful LOVE LETTER!  Just wait until you see all the writing prompts- you’ll be able to write the perfect personalized love letter in a matter of minutes!
This pack of printable love letters features GORGEOUS designs, thoughtful prompts, AND fits in the category of quick and easy romance. Stick the post-it notes down as directed, but then grab a piece of REMOVABLE double-stick Scotch tape, cut in half lengthwise (hot dog style) and place in the lower corners opposite of the side that comes pre-stuck.

Another tip: Print on your highest print settings (color, high, cardstock, etc) because it prints much more slowly and it is much more careful with your paper and sticky notes. Now I need to wait a couple of days for my paypal transfer to come trough, but the payment is already done!
This printable template is easy to use, and the whole love letter project can be completed in a matter of minutes, leaving you with a go-to file of love letters for the whole year! Courtney’s beautiful designs are fully customizable with plenty of room to include your personal well wishes. This little group of sticky love notes will help you tell your spouse what’s on your mind, remind him of a funny moment, or simply let him know you are excited about your next date night! For example: decorate his car with these darling sticky love notes for a good morning surprise! Check out our Quick and Easy Ways to Rock the Romance e-Book.  It’s packed with fun date ideas and a TON of quick love notes that will keep sparks flying! I purchased and printed my first sheet to test them out, and I fed it through properly on my printer, but because my printer prints ink in a side-to-side motion, I noticed that sometimes my printer lifts up part of the sticky notes and deposits little globs of ink along edges of some of the sticky notes.

So the tape will be placed so that the length of the tape is along the sides of the post-it note, going as close to the bottom of the note as possible. I printed the templates to the post-it notes on my fast, draft, B&W print setting on cardstock, then printed the notes on the highest, slowest settings.
I have seen some different versions of these out there on Pinterest, but these are BY FAR the cutest designs I have seen! This amazing bundle includes over 100 darling  love notes that are perfect for your Anniversary, Birthday and even Just Because Notes!
I just love Courtney’s cute birthday checklist design and unique pie-chart love note. These clever notes are sure to leave his heart racing and mind anticipating your evening’s activities!

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