Our Amazing Race consisted of a host couple and four competing couples at one of the happiest places on earth – the mall!
We also handed out the one extra thing we each provided for the date as well such as a water bottle for each participant, a granola bar, and a “power pellet” candy band… yeah, ok, I admit it was just a candy necklace, but even the little extras can make it more fun for everyone! Stop#2: Barnes and Nobles, where we needed to find a book written by an author with our same first name.
The last “to-do” on the list was to all meet at the mall fountain and run up and down the stairs holding hands. We actually all reached the end at different times, and the winners’ prize was good ol’ fashioned bragging rights! I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

However, depending on where you live, what your resources are, and the personalities you have competing, every date can easily adapt to stops, clues and tasks tailored to you, so use your imagination! Obviously there are a million variations you could choose, so twist and tweak things to fit you and your friends, your location, and your favorite places to play! Choose a stop that has an “inside joke” meaning to you and your Mr… or a stop that will just make everyone laugh.
The clues and tasks shouldn’t be too hard, and to prove that you completed each stop, just bring your digital camera, snap pictures along the way and then swap cameras at the end of the night to really get a good laugh at each other.
One stop required you to link pinkies all the way there, another to skip at least part way, etc. Ours say “Got Husband?” and “Got Wife?” Of course, they don’t have to be like ours – just a team color works great!

For a look at how to do your own iron-on transfer shirts, check out Tara’s description when she did it for THIS awesome LOST date! She typed them up and slipped them into a small envelope decorated with scrapbooking paper… CUTE!

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