It's hard to date without receiving some sort of unsolicited advice about "playing games." Serani croons about how he doesn't want to play them, the women behind "The Rules" say that you definitely should and your friends may give you any number of convoluted suggestions. It's unclear where this whole "wait three days to call back" thing started, but it doesn't really matter since no one seems to be following it anyway.
Nearly half of men and women surveyed admitted to looking up potential dates online before going out with them (43 percent of men and 54 percent of women). Over 75 percent of men and women admitted that they preferred voice-to-voice phone contact over a text.

The overwhelming majority of people surveyed said that they didn't feel the need to delay seeing someone if they were available right away.
71 percent of men and 73 percent of women surveyed said that waiting that long to call someone back is "ridiculous." Plus, doesn't everyone just text these days anyway?
It's certainly easy enough -- a quick Google search will likely yield a love interest's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.
A July survey found that 25 percent of adults don't even know their own numbers, so getting someone to call might be a challenge.

Eighty-nine percent of men and 77 percent of women would be willing to go on a date within a few hours of being contacted and not worry about how their lack of plans looked to the other person. The desire to avoid dates with sociopaths is probably partially behind the stalking rate, but a recent study suggested that boredom also plays a huge role.

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