No, I'm not THAT desperate.What I need to do is get a year for an anime based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Ok, so I recently acquired a Smith and Wesson .38 special hand ejector and have spent the better part of 5 hours trying to date it. Yes the serial number is from the bottom of the frame, and there are no letters what so ever.
It does go back earlier, however - for instance my model 1917 does not have patent dates either..
This forum began as Clark's Classic Bamboo Rod Forum, founded by Clark Davis for all who share a passion for classic rods.
Ok will do that tomorrow, however it has TAG ( Thomas Armstrong) stamped on the winding plate and double pawls and springs. For those who don't use English as their primary language we now have a translator for your language of choice hosted by Google. My grandfather passed away years ago and I collected a lot of the watches he had since I like collecting them.
The ink-stamped number on the headblock of your L-00 (#1294 C) is called a "factory order number" or FON. Hello xodus,The ink-stamped number on the headblock of your L-00 (#1294 C) is called a "factory order number" or FON.
The Airman 1st Class at bottom looks to be a variation of the later subdued type, but I've never seen one with that shade of background green. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Please confirm the provided serial # is from the bottom of the grip and contains no letters. I've got another brand from the 1970s, model came out in the early 1960s, mine still says pat. Since 1885, full details of the calibre, materials used and the case number have been entered in the records.

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer - I meant to say the strap in MrSentinel's pic is not an original one. It means that the guitar was manufactured in 1937.The number "22" means that it was the 22nd guitar in the batch. The nickel plated version was seen until later, the brass model as used here was also seen on the Trojans (late 1936). The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum is an independent Internet forum which is not in any manner related to or affiliated with C.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
My grandfather piloted small engine aircraft and definitely owned pilots watches, that being said he would sometimes buy fake watches on his travels through Europe just for kicks. I'm not trying to sell it as I love the watch and it has sentimental value.Just my opinion here - the Mark XV is not a dated or 'vintage' or 'old' watch. I say this with the caveat that it is ALWAYS better to combine the FON with an examination of the instrument's physical features when trying to determine a build date.In 1937 the L-00 was a popular model.
With L-00s I would narrow it down to early1937 since later in the year the square plate Klusons showed up. I posted the one with the off tan background along with some white on white stripes recently, but no one commented on it so I thought I would add them with this post in hopes someone can tell me more about them. For a small fee, heirs or subsequent buyers can obtain precise information about their IWC watch. It is a fairly recent watch - the box and papers for this particular item is very similar to the ones you get these days for recent IWC watches. The raggedly looking Staff Sergeant looks like one that was used from 1949 thru 1994 when they changed over to white stripes on blue.
Good thing would be if someone would make reference list of features corresponding to certain manufacturing periods..
My iphone wouldn't focus on the engraving on the crown but it says IWC and has some incredibly tiny writing in scroll above and below it.

If the watch is working, I would recommend that u enjoy wearing and using it, as your grandfather did. The statements and opinions expressed in the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum are solely those of the individuals posting the same and are not those of C.F. From 1 July 2012, certificates will be provided for the first time.For a certificate to be issued, the watch has to be sent to Schaffhausen, where it is carefully and thoroughly examined by one of our experienced watchmakers. Martin & Co., The Martin Guitar Company, the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum, its administrators, moderators, agents and other voluntary staff, its supporters, financial or otherwise, or its members, guests or other contributors. The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum does not sponsor or endorse any product or service referred to, submitted or suggested by any member, guest or contributor to the Forum. The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum and its voluntary staff shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever to any person or organization with respect to any matter posted by any individual on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum, for the deletion of any such matter, for the content thereof, or for the banning, suspension or other sanctioning of any user from this Forum, or for the denial of an application to become a member of this Forum. The content and accuracy of any post are solely the responsibility of the member making the post. Trigger has grooves, and the hammer has a sort of hollow pin going through it for the firing pin.
If the comprehensive examination is to reveal that a part of the watch is not genuine, IWC reserves the right not to issue a certificate for the watch.Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide information about the collector’s value of specific models, because this depends on factors such as supply and demand as well as the condition of the movement and case. In the event of a worst-case scenario involving loss or theft, it is advisable to report the incident in writing to the police and IWC.
The case number in question is then entered in a special register, which ensures that if the watch does turn up again, it will not go unnoticed.

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