If you are interested in Spanish dating – it is not very different from the dating in any other developed country. Though many Latin singles become Americanized these days, many of them still want to connect with their culture.  Spanish singles residing in any country of the world can now connect with the singles of their background, culture and mentality with the help of Spanish on-line dating agencies, who helped thousands of Spanish couples find each other in this big world.
Coming back to the Spanish and American way of dating; there are some things that these two cultures have in common. So, why don’t you join one of the free dating websites in Spain to meet Spanish singles, have good time, relax and find your one and only?! But the guys of the Euro 2012 championship game have more than just a pretty face on their arms. Gere, 65, and Silva, 32, arrived together at the 61st Annual Taormina Film Festival in Sicily last week, marking their first public appearance as a couple, People reports.
Afterward, the duo were spotted enjoying themselves on a yacht off the coast of Acitrezza, Italy, Monday.

Gere and ex-wife Carey Lowell, 54, split in 2013 after an 11-year marriage; they have one son together. Meeting new people and being active on dating scene today implies also meeting people of different cultures and countries.
Alejandra lives between Manhattan and Madrid and Richard has already been to see her a few times,” they reportedly told the network.
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Spanish music is hot and Spanish personals like dancing to the music, American singles also enjoy having a good time and like the flirty nature of Spanish single men and women. If you will ask if any difference between Spanish and American cultures exists, you won’t be surprised that it is. Isn’t it great news?  While traditional way of dating can be expensive, dating with the help of free dating sites won’t cost you anything, you won’t need to leave your place and you avoid the awkward feeling of embarrassment in approaching a person that you like at public places, plus there is no fear of rejection.

Both Spanish and American singles enjoy chat and flirting during their on-line communication. However, this doesn’t prevent people from meeting internationally and there are a lot of happy marriages between the partners of different cultures and Spanish-American couples are not the exception. Dating websites in Spain and Spanish websites in other countries help Spanish people meet Spanish and international singles. Getting familiar with different culture and customs will only make your international dating (if you are interested in one) fun, easy and colorful.

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