In most cases, however, Japanese coins use the nengo dating system, which I will describe and explain in this short guide.
5 yen coin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- Is there a web site where dating these coins is explained?
The history of coins in Japan dates back well before the 9th century AD (some people even argue that the first metal coins were minted in late 400 AD), and as one.Japan has a long numismatic history which dates back to when coins were first introduced from neighboring Korea and China.
The History of Japanese Coins - yamanote on HubPages1870, the third year of the Meiji Dynasty, saw the introduction of imperial Japanese coinage.
More than a dozen of the former mansions, known as Ijinkan, remain in the area and are open to the public as museums. The numberic charaters look Japanese and I assume the dating of the coin is simular.Dating 20 th Century Japanese Coins. It then had its own mint, shut it for 600.The 5 yen coin (????, Go-en koka ?) is one denomination of Japanese yen.
Most of the houses charge an admission fee of between 300 to 500 yen, while combination tickets are available to see multiple houses.
One stands proudly in the town of Natori, or at least it did – the image dates from 2007 and Natori was virtually wiped out by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Another rather weatherbeaten rubber glove vending machine stands near the entrance of a store located at the Matsumoto Sinchon intersection just off the Chuo Expressway's Nagano line.

Mosaic is a pleasant shopping complex along the waterfront with a variety of small fashion boutiques and a wide selection of restaurants, many of which overlook the harbor. According to the info on the machine's facade, the applications of such gloves are for “transportation, rebar construction, civil engineering and construction, farming, sacks handling.” Someone alert Mandy Pepperidge, stat! Canal Garden, on the other hand, is a shopping mall with a Hankyu department store, Sofmap electronics store, a sports store and various family fashion outlets.A A kobe-The Kobe City Museum was opened in 1982, merging the collections of the Kobe Archaeological Museum and Namban Art Museum into a single one.
It has long been famous for its sake due to the availability of high quality rice, suitable water and favorable weather conditions in the area.
As it ascends, it passes by the Nunobiki Waterfall and the Nunobiki Herb Garden, giving a nice aerial view of both.
It is one of several breeds of Wagyu, or Japanese cattle, which are bred throughout the country and often associated with the area where they are raised. While Kobe Beef is probably the best known type of wagyu outside of Japan, there are many other breeds, such as Matsuzaka and Yonezawa Beef, that are equally or even more famous among Japanese gourmets. It is produced from pedigreed Tajima breed cattle which were born and slaughtered in Hyogo Prefecture. Once slaughtered the meat must pass a series of requirements and only the highest grades of meat with exceptionally high levels of fat marbling earn the Kobe Beef label, which is a strictly guarded trademark. Kobe Beef is usually served as steaks, shabu shabu (thin slices of meat shortly boiled in a broth) or sukiyaki (meat slices simmered in a hot pot).

One of the best ways to enjoy Kobe Beef is at a teppanyaki restaurant, where a chef grills the meat on an iron plate in front of his guests. It spans the Akashi Strait (Akashi Kaikyo) between Kobe and Awaji Island and is part of the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway, one of three expressways which connect Honshu with Shikoku. The Bridge Exhibition Center at the foot of the bridge (Kobe side) provides well presented information about the planning and construction of the bridge and about other suspension bridges around the world, although the detailed explanations are available in Japanese only. The Maiko Marine Promenade consists of observatory hallways under the bridge's platform, about 50 meters above the water. Accessed by elevator from the base of the bridge (Kobe side), the hallways offer interesting views of the bridge's interior, the Akashi Strait and Osaka Bay.
Built on an outcropping of reclaimed land, the park is covered in grassy lawn and openA courtyards dotted with a collection of modern art installations and fountains.

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