Dating apps are generally addressed to anyone in search of a soulmate, but there is one particular app that has a few more requirements for its members, which means that not just anyone can join in. The founder of The League, Amanda Bradford, is a Stanford graduate and a former Google employee, and it is no wonder that she wanted to create an exclusivist app for the elite.
The app has its own algorithm which does a background check of the person and decides whether they are fit to become a part of the select few.
There is, however, another way of getting in even though you might not meet all the criteria. Unlike its counterparts which are designed for common people and which use Facebook to create a profile, The League relies on LinkedIn to gather all the information needed.
If by any chance you manage to get in, then you will receive no more than five possible high-achieving partners a day, so if you are not satisfied with any of them, then you will have to wait until the next day for another round of matches. The app is available for download in the App Store, and although anyone is free to take it down, the spot among the top-notch users is not guaranteed.
Perhaps, I am simply in a rut, dating people who I don’t have much interest in, in a city where the majority of the population has little-to-no grasp of the English language and little-to-no surprise element, at least to me.
It's being called the Ivy League app of the dating world, promising to pair users with attractive, successful, and highly-educated members. Ita€™s the brainchild of former Google employee and Stanford business grad Amanda Bradford, 30, who started the app when she became frustrated with her own online dating experience. She said she wasted far too much time vetting potential dates online, and that The League essentially does the job for users. Only a few months old, The Leaguea€™s curated matches are earning buzz in the crowded online dating space that includes Tinder, Hinge and OKCupid, among others. Paul Brunson has been a full-time professional matchmaker for six years and says the Leaguea€™s appeal boils down to people searching for a mate like themselves, a€?to find someone who grew up like them, who makes as much money as them. But ita€™s hard not to notice the pattern of Ivy League degrees and white collar job holders in The Leaguea€™s user base. Those standards have led some to accuse her of building a€?Tinder for Snobs,a€? but Bradford denies that. Experts warn that this type of extreme curation may limit the dating pool, potentially removing spontaneous love connections.

Alexandra Duisberg is a self-described overachiever, a former Olympic skater and a fourth-year med student at University of Pennsylvania, who said she probably wouldna€™t be dating if it werena€™t for The League.
Duisberg is now happily dating Josh, 31, a finance guy with a degree from Columbia Business School, who is also a pianist and a skilled archer. If they make a love connection, they can get off the app, and one of the several thousands of people on the waitlist can take their place. One of Harris’ personal challenges is overcoming a general perception that fair skinned red haired males are less attractive than other types of men. Though the movie offers many rarely seen glimpses into the peculiarities of life as a redhead — one of the smallest segments of the human population, at around 2 percent — its true intent is to speak to a universal audience. The 69-minute film will be screened in the black box theater at The Arts Center of the Capital Region, located at 265 River St, in downtown Troy, N.Y. Harris, an Austin Texas native now living in Scotland, has shown the film at the “Irish Redhead Convention” and “The Redhead Days” in the Netherlands, which are the two largest redheaded gatherings in the world with about 5,000 redheads in attendance.
The April 2 screening and after party are hosted by The League of Extraordinary Red Heads, a social club for red haired people and those who love them. Following the screening in Troy, the film will open for a week long run in New York City at the Quad Cinema at 34 W 13th St., and the film will be available to purchase and download.
For information about the League of Extraordinary Red Heads, see: League of Extraordinary Red Heads Forms in Troy, NY, Jan. If you have a high-end friend who is considered fit to join in, then he can send you an invitation. As long as your LinkedIn profile shows that you are an ambitious young man or woman focused on your career, then you’re good.
Additionally, tools like Tinder make it quite difficult to make a selection that is based a mutual attraction, a vibe, a je ne sais quoi, sentiments that far more important than we realize. You feel a spark and you rush into it headfirst, without all the mundane, rules-driven nonsense.
Really believe the right person comes into your life when you are focusing on you, following your bliss, rather than putting yourself out there like a job candidate trying to curate what you think is the version of yourself that will lead to a successful outcome.
I agree, and yet sometimes you feel SO stuck in a rut and just want to create some fictional drama, resorting to the Tinders and the bar hopping and all that other slightly empty pursuits of a quick fix… The funny thing is, it hardly ever works out in the long run when initiated in this way!

Currently, the app is only available in San Francisco and will be launching in New York City next month. The League is different because the app limits its membership to referrals and applicants whose photos, Facebook and Linkedin accounts pass muster.
The two met at a League mixer, scheduled events put on by the company where online matches are encouraged to meet in person, and get some personal advice on their profiles from founder Amanda Bradford herself. Brianna Haag, 30, is a marketing manager who is new to The League, found a match with Matt, a 31-year-old content manager at a tech company in San Francisco.
During one of the more outrageous scenes in his film, Harris interviews a young Scottish woman on the street who openly shares her unflattering thoughts about red haired men.
Afterwards, Harris will answer questions from the audience before joining The League of Extraordinary Red Heads for a free after party open to the public, 21 and over, at Lucas Confectionery wine bar, located at 12 Second Street. The other, more fatalist one, pronounces that “the best things happen when you least expect them”, hence you should focus on yourself and forget that the opposite sex (or the same sex – to each their own) exists altogether.
And yet, I have to admit that, when practiced in extreme, dating can easily go from being an entertaining activity, to becoming a task as tedious and soulless as a job interviewing. While I understand that this is all part of “the game”, exactly how many frogs is it necessary to sit across from over glasses of cheap wine in order to finally meet somebody even vaguely resembling a prince? And so, instead of “dating” I think I may simply veer towards the approach of “staying open”, meeting new people, traveling, and seeing what the hell life has in store for me as the world slowly de-frosts itself. The post screening party will feature a red wine special and a hard apple cider seasoned with ginger, made by Albany-based Nine Pin Cider Works (“Jonagold Ginger” made by fermenting Jonagold apples with ginger).
Come think, the two are not that different, as they both require an aesthetic effort (unless you are French), a pleasant disposition, polite questions, followed by equally polite answers, based on the same spiel that you have rattled off dozens of times before. Supply is high, demand is low, good prospects are far and few in-between, while random gigs are available in abundance.
At some point, while recounting my bio for the millionth time, complete with all the same quirky anecdotes and sentimental moments, I begin feeling exactly like I do in job interviews – exhausted, restless and eager to get the f*ck out of there, write a follow-up thank you note, and forget about the person for the foreseeable future.

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