Thanks to the meteoric rise of smartphones and tablets, online dating is no longer just the preserve of desperados and the socially inept. One famous economic model throws harsh light on the basic problem of any type of dating: information. Yet, there is still a secondhand car market, because the lemons problem can be countered with information. To test whether a different approach might yield better results, Ariely and friends decided to push hesitant daters overboard, by giving them a list of pre-set questions that were more interesting and personally revealing, such as: “how many romantic partners did you have?”, “When was your last breakup?”, “Do you have any STDs?”, “Have you ever broken someone’s heart?”. Yes, the use of common sense applies here, but there is a lesson: be bold and try not to let conversations gravitate towards the boring end of the scale. However, the sexual marketplace has changed significantly in recent decades, thanks to labour market equality and sexual liberalism.
Economists aren’t exactly first in the queue when it comes to the traditional image of the lothario, so anyone waiting for economics to reveal the secret of what women want will be waiting for a while. Now, I’ve outlined 5 tips here, but with decades of modern economic theory behind us (longer if you’re a fan of Adam Smith), this is by no means an exhaustive list.
This entry was posted in Blogs and tagged Akerlof, asymmetric information, bad equilibrium, Dan Ariely, Lemons problem, online dating, supply and demand by Chris. Economic theory and teen pregnancy intervention: can some teenage pregnancy be optimal for society? Recent CommentsBrian Dsouza on What is the relationship between education and health outcomes in the UK?online sports betting on I’m rubbish at gambling. Aside from potentially meeting a weirdo, another downside to online dating, especially with some Chinese girls, is finding a seemingly attractive girl who turns out to look much different in real life. You won’t be surprised to learn that internet is a great place where people can pretend to be different and even totally change their identity.
Statistics shows that women in their 20s and 30s write lesser number in the field ‘weight’ since the society dictates that men prefer slim girls.
If you look through the profiles on any on-line dating site, you will see a great number of attractive pictures. Over 30% of men looking for a partner on on-line dating sites are married; even more are in the relationship. Online Dating app Tinder, available for the iPhone from the app store, has become incredibly popular in the past few months. Security Researchers at Include Security discovered that Tinder GPS vulnerability making members vulnerable to hackers. The Security flaw was discovered by the company last October, that enabled any member with some programming skills to access the app's API (Application Programming Interface) to get the exact latitude and longitude for another member. Using GPS data collected by Smartphone, one could triangulate to determine where a user is located. Include Security says, app designers should be careful to protect users' security as they add new features that incorporate Geo-location. Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox?
With online dating as ubiquitous as it is (nine out of 10 single Americans are online!), more people are dating via the Internet than ever before. It was getting late and cold, and when I reached into my bag to grab a sweater I realized my keys, which always sit in the same pocket in my purse weren’t there. He’s was tall, cute and had a lot of interesting things to say about the work, so I was pretty attracted to him at first. We were seated in the front of the restaurant near the stage but no one was there at the time. Yes, internet matchmakers are now trusted alternatives to such time-honoured seduction techniques as the annual tryst with Lucy from accounts at the office Christmas party, trying it on with your best friend’s sister or the 2am gutter trawl on your local dance floor. Your level of interest in a car reflects the level of information you’re able to find out about it.
Behavioural economist Dan Ariely and his colleagues looked at the interactions of online daters, picking apart the emails potential suitors have sent to each other.

Daters could not deviate from this list and were forced to risk it by posing questions outside of generally accepted bounds.
Historically, men were judged on their ability to create wealth and materially support a family – financial success meant that success with the ladies increased proportionately. The rise of the economically independent woman means that the success or failure of a relationship is much less closely tied to the man’s ability to provide for his partner financially; for women, the game has changed. Add to it by telling the girls something about you that you’d never share with the lads – a bit of risk could be what’s needed here. And of course, your strategy may well depend on whether you’re looking for long-term love or a short-term liaison. Well, some people do like to present themselves better than they are in real life and a bit of misinterpretation in their profiles or some specially selected pictures, showing them from the best angle, etc.
At the same time over 50 % men looking for a life-partner online lie about their height, making themselves a bit higher.
One third of all the pictures posted on on-line dating sites are older than one year: the older is the holder of profile, the more ancient his pictures are. Men, in their turn, want to attract beautiful and younger women, who want a descent if not wealthy life style. Then you are at significant risk that exposed members' private information without their knowledge. The repercussions of a vulnerability of this type were pervasive given Tinder's massive global base of users," Include Security Founder Erik Cabetas said in a statement.
She is a Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments. Sunday was Valentine’s Day and leading up to it, we shared some super sweet stories from couples who met each other online. He asked me out for a drink on a Thursday night, I declined, because I figured his idea of a drink would be a trip to the nearest Casey’s where I could mix vanilla and cherry into whatever pop I wanted. I met this guy who was a writer on Bumble and he suggested that we go to Chelsea in Manhattan on a Thursday night when the art galleries have their openings and I was pretty excited because that’s right up my alley for a date.
We went to the pizza parlor around the corner from the galleries for a late dinner and as we were chatting about the starving artist lifestyle and he accused me of selling out for rent money — which at first was in good fun, but he couldn’t let it go.
I was asked out on a date by a guy on Hinge and he seemed charming enough so agreed to Sunday brunch with him at Farmer Brown. SIDE NOTE: Farmer Brown is a soul-food spot with live music on the weekend but neither of us knew this, yet. Strip it back and the dating market is the same as any other: it’s about two parties coming together to make a mutually beneficial exchange, whether that is phone numbers, wedding rings, or, erm, something else. This is the ‘Lemons problem’, a famous economic idea first proposed in the 1970s by George Akerlof, about cars, not citrus fruit. Their partners responded, creating much livelier conversations where both the sender and the receiver were happier with the interaction.
Economically speaking, building your house on morally iffy foundations sends a signal of future fidelity risk to potential suitors, even if you do get the builders in to shore everything up after a spate of subsidence. Financial security was a man’s biggest asset, as in the past, standalone financial success was harder to come by for women.
A fat wallet alone can be overshadowed by such traits as knowing one end of a vacuum cleaner from the other and how to cook spaghetti bolognaise from scratch. I told him I didn’t have my keys and was very apologetic as I wrapped up and got ready to head out, but he wouldn’t let me leave.
It was one of those rare days in SF where we were having a legit heat wave so I wore white cut off shorts, a tank top and Nike wedges, and rather than take an Uber or Lyft, I decided I’d walk. We got about 15 to 20 minutes into the date and the band came on and started setting up — and that’s where it all went downhill. The basic premise is that if sellers can evaluate the quality of a used car but buyers can’t, the likely outcome is that both buyers and sellers know that only the most awful cars will be traded in the market. But once the seed of doubt has been sown in people’s minds, it’s hard to stop it from germinating.

However, there are cases of lies in on-line dating that provide quite the contrary impression about the person when meeting face-to-face.  It is very hard to distinguish fact from fiction on-line. He was so grumpy and aggro as he told me about the terrible day he was having, how he’s sick of SF, how no one here is interested in being creative so he’s hoping to move to Portland or New York or LA, somewhere with real creative minds, etc. The music was SO loud, seriously SO loud, that we couldn’t even talk or hear each other — not to mention the guy was singing some soulful, baby-making songs… during Sunday brunch… on my first date… awkward AF.
B) Don’t go to brunch with a live band or any activity that will making talking impossible — especially if it’s a first date.
Everyone will assume that the only reason you’re selling the car is because it’s a dud; and genuine sellers with decent offerings know they won’t get the price they deserve, so never bother.
After the ‘Blackberry Blackout’ of 2011, consumers defected to Apple and Android in their droves, whilst Research in Motion’s (the company who make Blackberry devices) fortunes have never recovered.
If your stock begins to plummet, it only gets harder to persuade people who are worth partnering up with to invest in you. Secretly give money to the local cats’ shelter, because you just can’t bear to see cute kittens suffer?
I was out at happy hour with girls from work when he texted asking if I wanted to get a drink.
I sat mostly in silence, minus the questions I prompted him with to look engaged but it was so hard to pay attention.
The walk was lovely and my music was pumping me up, but aggressively walking in the heat not only made me sweat my ass off, but it also made me late. We had to lean over the table to talk to each other and even that was difficult so we spent the remaining part of brunch eating and laughing it off, but totally in silence. And so it is with online dating: you’re less likely to be interested in someone who seems reluctant to share information about themself.
Here he was on a first date telling me how he hated the city I live in, the culture that surrounds me, the tech industry which I’m heavily involved in, etc.
I pretended like I knew the security guard and made small talk while waiting for him to leave out of the corner of my eye. The restaurant was WAY further than I thought and I had to text him that I was running 10-15 minutes behind, strike number one in my mind especially since we had a reservation.
We were in such a rush to get out of there that he paid the bill, we left and he drove me home. He started finally asking me questions for once and when I told him I do PR for consumer and tech companies, he changed his tune.
Once he did, I told the security guy I must be in the wrong building, asked him for directions to my real office (just to not seem so odd) and walked the remaining blocks to get my keys and went home. Now all of a sudden he knew everyone in the industry, his dad is super well connected, he used to date Peter Thiel’s assistant (and went on about that relationship for a while) knows this person and that person and goes to the Battery, etc. I was “glistening” – my straight hair was starting to get its natural wave from all my sweat, I had beads of sweat dripping down my forehead and my clothes were sticking to my skin. He wouldn’t stop so I finally told him my office had a doorman that leaves by 9:00 pm so I had to get my keys before then.
It was comical at first, I told him what happened and we laughed it off, but it was not the first impression I wanted to make — especially on my first app date ever!
I ordered, we ate in almost silence except for his rave reviews about the endless breadsticks they kept bringing around. Luckily my office is on the cusp of FiDi and SOMA so it was close by, but here’s the kicker — I don’t have a doorman and I didn’t want him to know where I worked.

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