Rose Byrne and Boardwalk Empire's Bobby Cannavale clutched hands as they surreptitiously made their way through the crowd inside the Hall of Ocean Life at New York's American Museum of Natural History Monday night. The soiree, which began with a screening of two upcoming episodes from the series and an introduction by its stars and writers, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, continued into the vast ocean-themed room, lined with hundreds of models of sea creatures and bathed purplish-blue lights as a 94 ft.
Former SNL star Andy Samberg stuck near his longtime girlfriend, indie harpist Joanna Newsom, who also talked with fellow musician David Longstreth (of the Dirty Projectors) whose music blared over the speakers. Meanwhile, Brownstein, in very high heels, and Armisen played perfect hosts, talking with their guests, such as rocker St. In case you can't make it to your TV to tune into the IFC channel, watch "Portlandia" season 4, episode 4 online via a free live stream of IFC here or here. If that doesn't work, IFC also offers episodes on their website to watch online the morning after an episode airs.
Returning guest stars from the first three seasons include Ed Begley Jr., Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum, Kyle MacLachlan, Jason Sudeikis, Kumail Nanjiani, Gus Van Sant and Annie Clark (St. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web.
Carrie announces she's moving out of the Southeast Lincoln house, over losing Alexandra to Fred, but most of the action in this episode involves the animated rats looking for new, garbage-y digs, now that the Pearl District is gentrified. The penultimate "Portlandia" of Season 3, "No-Fo-O-Fo-Bridge," was one of the most unusual episodes yet. On the one hand, it offered what seems to be a potential major plot development, when Carrie tells Fred she's moving out of their Southeast Lincoln house, after Alexandra (Chloe Sevigny) tells Carrie she doesn't want to keep dating both Fred and Carrie.

But, in typical "Portlandia" style, this turn of events -- and Carrie's announcement of her intention to break up the happy, platonic home she shares with Fred -- gets less emphasis than the extended sketch featuring the animated rats. I get a kick out of the rats, because the stop-motion animation is so clever (it's done by Portland's Bent Image Lab) it makes the three little vermin (voiced by Armisen, Brownstein and John Levenstein) ridiculously cute. Instead of yummy trash, the Pearl is now rife with things like stores specializing in handmade wooden toys. The rats voiced by Fred and Carrie set out in search for a new home, and they cross the river to Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. Abandoning the river idea, the Fred and Carrie rats land at Southeast 45th Avenue (it looks like where it intersects with Belmont).
Then they throw around the idea of coming up with a name for their undiscovered neighborhood. As to the other sketches, there was a good standalone bit at the beginning (Fred and Carrie as a playing a couple obsessed with finding the right self-help parenting book). At the Lincoln house, Carrie's feeling gloomy (is that an Elliott Smith song she's listening to in her room?). Again, since we're getting down to the wire on this season, please share any thoughts or comments about "Portlandia," and this season.
Though the duo never posed for pictures together on the red carpet, they looked to be very much together and enjoying each other's company at a bash to celebrate IFC's hit comedy Portlandia's upcoming third season (Jan. Much like the show, which often includes guests from the music world, the party's soundtrack came from a diverse array of artists, including recent Grammy nominee Frank Ocean.

Vincent, and circulating around the party, which also featured funny signs referencing jokes from the show. Vincent) are among the guest stars with co-creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in tomorrow night's episode! Carrie's too good for her, Alexandra says, so she wants to focus on Fred, who's more messed up and therefore a kindred spirit.
But it's already got plenty of rats, and, as the Carrie rat says, "I don't want to hop on the bandwagon." They head down to the Willamette, where the Carrie rat talks to a wharf rat (sporting a stocking cap and a Cockney accent).
Instead of a Season 1 or 2-style stand-alone bit about the annoyingness of this dining trend (may it soon fall into the fiery depths of trend hell and be banished forever), this had the Season 3 stamp. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC. The third rat, who wasn't sure if he was welcome to join their exodus, misses the Fred and Carrie rats so much, he shows up at the new place. The scene was about Carrie's character, learning that what she thought was a date is Alexandra breaking up with her -- and that's made more awkward by the diners at the communal table overhearing and throwing in a few comments.
Fred's not very good at convincing her to stay, instead calling Alexandra in to help convince Carrie, which only reminds Carrie of her third-wheel status.

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