She hopes the near-overlap of those milestones -- one professional, the other personal -- will set the pace for the rest of 2015, which, if all goes according to plan, will be a banner year.
The New York-based film fest, which De Niro co-founded in 2002, ended its 12th incarnation with a special screening of \"The King of Comedy,\" Martin Scorsese\'s 1983 black comedy about a celebrity-obsessed comedian (played by De Niro) and the lengths to which he goes to achieve fame.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Brazilian director Afonso Poyart is in talks to direct.\n\nOriginally announced for development in 2008 with Mark Pellington ( The Mothman Prophecies , Arlington Road ) directing, the project deals with a clairvoyant doctor who is enlisted by the police to help catch a serial killer.

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