Yes, you will want her to be your waifu, and no, you won’t get her on your first playthrough.
Trouble only emerges at the end of each route when the game starts to take itself seriously.
So the game is okay-but-not-great and it’s nearly impossible to play every route because of the poor dialogue skipping, but where does that leave us? Sounds pretty interesting still, though crazy plot twists involving such fantasy elements aren’t my cup of tea either. The game unfolds through an ostensibly believable development of the main character’s stats rather than through complicated branches based on decision points.

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While never entirely realistic, much of the fun comes from challenging a seemingly real world and working your way up the social ladder to win the heart of your chosen girl. The player is given choices to develop different aspects of Protag’s social abilities (intelligence for schoolwork, athletics for attractiveness, etc. By not directly telling the player what impact taking a rest on the weekend or raising their intelligence stat will have, you encourage them to play the game as they would real life, exploring options on their own. It operates well with┬áthe fantastic design of the game in that dialogue is rarely transparent and the characters don’t betray their feelings in too obvious a way.

Shira Oka succeeds in creating a playground of sorts in which you can experiment with your life and observe the consequences. Even the less subtle lines are endearing; words slip here and there, revealing feelings coyly rather than blatantly. Nothing is as simple as meeting the bookworm in the library three days in a row to unlock her route.

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