July 27, 2014 by April Valentina Why pay full price when you can use an eHarmony Promo Code and save yourself a few quid! We keep track of the latest eHarmony UK discounts, promotional codes and free trials to help you save money. If you would like to know just exactly much eHarmony costs for a full non discounted membership, then you can find the latest eHarmony prices here.
These codes have now expired and won’t work, but they will give you a good idea about the discounts that come around. Have a really excellent time on eHarmony, it is one of the most popular UK dating sites right now! If you do not request to cancel at least 48 hours prior to the end of your trial your credit card will be charged at ?44.95 per month for consecutive one month terms until you cancel your subscription. To avoid billing at expiration of the Trial you must cancel the Trial at least 48 hours prior to its expiration. The Trial is subject to eHarmony’s standard Terms and Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy.

Below you will find the latest live offers as well as older expired offers just to give you a taste as to the savings that you can make. You can do so by accessing the “Account Settings” page under the “My Settings” option on your membership home page, clicking on “Close Account” or “Cancel My Subscription” link, and providing the information requested. Discussing the site on Sunday, Jezebel reported that it had only 700 users, up from half that the day before. Virtually all dating sites let their users specify the qualities they hope to find in a possible mate. For now, the rest of us can probably dial back our outrage slightly: If nothing else, the site has made the racists of the world just a little easier to spot.
Upon cancellation of the Trial, you will continue to have access to your account, but will not be able to see photos or communicate with your matches unless you purchase a subscription.
Announced last week by a controversial billboard in West Valley City, Utah, the site quickly made national news. And sure, it’s troubling that a site like this one exists in the first place, most of all because its racial politics are so frank and unapologetic.

Somewhat more surprisingly, a number of the site’s users show up under their full names with seemingly authentic photographs attached. With its nominal promise to help white people do something they’ve seemingly never had much trouble doing, it sparked widespread derision on Twitter and elsewhere. All of this information is publicly available to anyone who visits the site, whether or not they’ve set up a profile. Scammy infidelity-facilitator Ashley Madison, for example, made news in late December when CNN noticed that it had allegedly acquired 4 million new members since it was famously hacked. Indeed, I’d hazard a guess that there are more people currently up in arms about it in my Twitter feed than there are members using its services.

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