Bobby arrives at school to give Fiona the tour consisting of private stairwells and abandoned classrooms. The next day, Fiona is working on her designs when Declan comes in after a night of fun with Bobby and the boys. On the morning of the first day of school, Anya is walking out of The Dot as Sav is walking in and awkwardly greets him.
Principal Simpson greets Dave and Connor as they walk into school on the first day, telling the boys about class rep elections. In the Media Immersion Lab, Alli is shocked when she sees she's ranked #42 on Dave's Girls of Degrassi Page. The title of this episode is named after the song "What A Girl Wants" by Christina Aguilera. Munro Chambers, Cory Lee, Spencer Van Wyck, Jordan Todosey, Alicia Josipovic and Luke Bilyk have been added to the opening. Miriam McDonald, Cassie Steele, Dalmar Abuzeid, Shane Kippel, Natty Zavitz, Scott Paterson, Jordan Hudyma and Paula Brancati are no longer regulars, leaving Stefan Brogren as the only remaining regular from Season 1.
This is the first episode in Canada that doesn't have the The Next Generation tagline, and is just called Degrassi. Before you send me any hate mail, keep in mind that I have four episodes a week to get through, so I have to rush through these and use the first joke that comes to mind.
Now the show gets into one of those bizarre, illogical storylines we have come to love from Degrassi. Back in New York, Fiona spies Bobby making out with another girl, in what I first thought was Fiona's house but then I figured must be their school. Mini-Connor explains to Alli that she was supposed to be #1 on the list, but he and Connor messed up the algorithm. Back in Canada, Holly J video chats with Fiona, who is a big drunk with her fine, rich people wine. Sav transferred from music class to Anya's art class because having the same classes is the best way to take care of Anya now. Boycott the Caf is a humor website (or at least an attempt at a humor website) and all content produced by this site should be taken in jest. We also swear and made off color jokes, so you shouldn't be reading this site if you are offended by that or are a small child. When you log onto Boycott the Caf, information from your computer is recorded onto our memory banks somehow. What a Girl Wants (2) is the second episode and second part of the premiere for Season 10 of Degrassi.

The episode opens with Fiona and Bobby preparing to present the new uniforms she designed for Vanderbilt Prep.
The Coynes throw her a going away party at their Manhattan home, where Fiona shows up with her new boyfriend, Bobby. Fiona and Holly J. Declan wants to go for orientation but Fiona says she's waiting for Bobby to give her the "private tour." Declan tells her to be careful, reminding her that although Bobby is her first real boyfriend, she's definitely not his first girlfriend.
Declan tells Fiona that his opinion on Bobby has changed after spending time with him the night before. She presents her designs to the big donors, which I guess include old people and a bunch of 17-year-old girls. He points out that the old crest glorified the burning of witches and is that a tradition the school wants to honor? Maybe that says a lot about me that the first thing to come to my mind was to use the n-word, but I gotta hustle here. Clare tells Alli to stop worrying because she is the only one who cares about the list, or has seen it. She is enthusiastic about the pregnancy lie and decides to see it through until she will just fake a miscarriage. Declan wonders what is up and asks if Fiona is going to pull the same drama she did in Jakarta and Dubai. Fiona shows him her uniform designs as their mom walks in, who comments that she's proud of Fiona for making a good early impression and is glad her and Bobby are hitting it off. Bobby becomes defensive, and Fiona tries to walk away when he angrily grabs her arm, hurting her. Sav replies that they're finally over, and that he dreads going to school because all his friends graduated. Confused, Sav asks who calls him popular andAlli confesses that a lot of girls think he's cute. Sav steps up to the stage, giving his own spech for president, saying he's the "face of change" and to "Vote for Sav!" Later on, Anya greets Holly J. Dave tells him not to worry about it, he has a new plan to win over Alli - win Grade 10 Class Rep.
Holly J convinces Anya to pull a nasty trick on Sav to get him to drop out of the election.
But you just know that a rich old fuck who is a trustee of an all white prep school says that word all the time.
I think the Degrassi writers put in an analogy there, but that may be giving too much credit to the Degrassi writers.

Sav knows that she has had that name picked out for a long time because he caught her looking at baby names after their first date.
Drew Torres, a new student at Degrassi, enters the dot and pays for Sav's drink when he finds out he goes to Degrassi.
He tells her the school year will just fly by and they'll be back together at Yale in no time. I thought every grade level elected its own president, but the position is only important when you get to senior year. She wants to be able to go to the college campus and hang out, sit in on some classes, maybe date a college boy. Back then Anya was younger (but just as stupid) and thought that letting a boy touch your boobs could get you pregnant. Bianca and Fitz laugh at him, holding up the loser list and embarrassing him more. Alli is still mad about being #42 on Dave's list.
Then the two of them should have spoken each lyric of the theme song like it was dialogue. Some guy in their archive department has collected them all and watches them at home during his naked time. Fiona tells her she's still sick, and is given the gift that Bobby left her - a snow globe from Aspen. He tells her that nothing happened with Tinsley, and she sees a text from Tinsley and runs off upset. She and Anya bash Sav, Anya saying she'll do anything to take down Sav after their breakup last year and how she could've spent senior year pregnant, giving Holly J.
Sav tries to tell her he's not going to run anymore, but she convinces him to keep running. Sav switches out of his music class and into Anya's art class in order to be there for her. Dave tells her he thinks she's the hottest girl in school, and she kisses him as a token of her gratitude. After he leaves, Fiona throws her snow globe in frustration, watching it smash into pieces. Who cares if a person is more likely to help out a woman who is dressed modestly over a woman who is dressed slutty, I would rather see Marc Summers smack a bunch of little kids in the face with cream pies.

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