Throughout this blog, I’ve talked about using professional stock photos in you desktop publishing projects. A brochure is a folded document or pamphlet that contains information about a business, products, services or events. Starting a Desktop Publishing Business – Part 2 — What Computer Equipment and Software do I Need? Part 1 — Assess Your Skills So, you are thinking about starting a desktop publishing ┬ábusiness? Guides are non-printing lines, often light blue lines, that aid in flow and alignment of text and positioning of graphics during page layout. TYPES OF GUIDESMargin guides: A dotted or rectangular non-printing rectangle represents the page margins of a document.

DTP software is very versatile, and can be used for many projects such as flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, catalogs and many other publications and projects. Any serious business owner should have a brochure to introduce or market his or her business. Most desktop publishing software applications allow the user to drag guides onto the page or position them precisely using a dialog box. Changes to these guides affect the guides on all publication pages that use the Master guides.
Grids are similar to guides but are not covered in this tutorial.Guides are also known as guidelines. With multiple columns, a pair of vertical guides that move together mark gutters or column spacing between columns.

Although each program has its own terminology, there are three basic types of guides and two placement options.
Typically ruler guides are placed on the page by dragging them from the horizontal and vertical rulers surrounding the publication or by specifying precise positions using a dialog box.

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