Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and NextStop is getting ready to change up Passenger Profiles for February.
Last year, we highlighted two couples who met on Metro, and the stories of these transit sweethearts could rival the latest romantic Hollywood blockbuster. And even if you haven’t found your special someone on Metro transit, let us know if you would like to be featured in a future Passenger Profile. Help us celebrate #UNOLove in honor of this Valentine’s Day by logging on to UNO’s Facebook page and sharing your photos and stories of how you met your significant other at UNO. How they met: Jessica Hart was getting frustrated with the time-consuming class registration process. Sightings of tarpon, bottlenose dolphins, and manta rays would always garner attention and well deserved photo-ops, but sharks would always steal the show. Earlier in my engineering career, I spent six years in Sarasota, Florida, where Clark was a living legend.

I know they are metal and far less dear than people but if I am spending over 200k on a car I am NOT going to just park it anywhere.
We’ll still profile riders from Missouri and Illinois, but we want to feature passengers who met on MetroBus or MetroLink and have since become a couple!
A source for a lot of the information we have on sharks is credited to a scientist named Eugenie Clark.
She founded what is now known as Mote Marine Laboratory, one of my favorite tourist spots out by Longboat Key. Growing up on Sea Hunt, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jacques Cousteau, and living 90% of my life near salt water spotting killer whales, I've always been curious why so little of the ocean has been explored and is still unseen by human eyes.
I was constantly drawn to study the large marine animals I’d come across while I was in, or near, the water.
Clark was a trailblazer for oceanographers, divers, and conservationists who first characterized many of the physiological and behavioral traits of sharks.

These creatures had such effortless power and grace in an environment that felt so awkward and foreign to me. Although the content was interesting at the time, I was really fascinated with how the videos (and commercials) were produced. Now, in Central Florida, we kayak the cold clear springs and snorkel and free-dive the boils and visit the manatees and alligators and water birds. By then, she had dedicated almost seven decades of her life to helping us better understand and appreciate sharks, and other marine life. Her passion inspired future marine biologists across the world and certainly fueled the interests of at least one young amateur.

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