I was able to get around the Underage Fee by signing up for a Free Hertz Gold Family account. I just tried to see if it would wave the under 25 fee by joining also and the fee is still showing up. Hi, I am a international student, 19 years old and got a drive lesson less than one year, can I rent a car with no underage fee? Hi I made a reservation with Hertz, picking up and dropping off at MCO airport and online with this SR discount code it showed that the young drivers fee was waived however I just dropped the car off and on my final receipt the fee is not waived and I have an additional $30 that I thought would be waived, any help on this?
I tried the coupon that waived the young renters fee but it only gives a student rate and does not waived the youg renters fee. The Hertz Gold Family (1826991) does still work - at least when you make the reservation - I'll let yall know when I pick up the car in a week. The code is only supposed to work if you're 21, and you have signed up for the gold program.

When I inputed the CDP code, it shows up as Discounts CDP: STUDENTRATE However I still get the Age Differential Charges on my booking summary. I am travelling to the states in November with my partner and we also want to know about the under 25 drivers charge. The account waives the 21-24 Fees and you can still apply a PC to it to reduce the costs even more.
However we have heard members getting the local hertz waive the fee on a case by case basis. We have been seeing our members getting the fee waived using the code when they actually pick up the car at the rental locations. But the code is supposed to waive the underage fee, which it started failing to do last friday.
My partner is 26 and I am 23, will we still have to pay for the fee if I am added as an additional driver?

I had a reservation for 34 days at LAX in June, without the CDP working properly, my rate increased about $800.
Members receive incomparable savings and benefits through an exclusive package of discounts, rates and benefits from Hertz. I am renting a Ford Focus or similar at 36.00 per day and with the young renters fee and tax its 56.
However, I have chatted with Hertz online to ask if Gold Family Discount still work, but they said no.
I asked my dad to register for one account, but how could he link my reservation with his account?

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