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Tips of Divorce articles are written by our expert team consisting of a recent divorcee, the creator of the website, a lawyer, a journalist, and content managers who edit and publish the articles. Divorce has become so commonplace that it's difficult to find anyone who hasn't been affected by it in some way.
This is why we encourage our followers to contribute personal insights, stories, and thoughts regarding divorce so that we can gather knowledge and wisdom from various perspectives to be used for future tips to help others. Ugly divorces have a tendency to create ugly ex spouses for a variety of reasons and everyone involved ends up suffering.
When you have lived with someone for a number of years you get a pretty good idea of how to push each others buttons, add to the mix the anger and resentment that builds throughout the divorce process and you have the perfect mix to create hell in each others lives.
This involves doing what might seem to be completely counter intuitive, and not necessarily easy, however if what you are doing now isn’t working then it’s time to do something different to avoid arousing more animosity or hostility. We often fall in a pattern in the way we interact with our ex partners which often leads to things just going around and around in circles and consistently ending up with both parties feeling angry and resentful. Here are a few strategies for you to consider implementing to interrupt the pattern you have been running and keep in mind that the only person you have any control over is yourself.
If your kids come home with stories about something that is causing you or them some concern, once again detail the information in an email and ask for verification without making accusations.

There are going to be social occasions involving your children where both parents will be required to attend and being polite and friendly at all times is important – THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU! Coming to some agreement around sharing holidays is not always easy given work schedules and other commitments – do your best to make them as workable as possible and if you are going to be   on your own make some arrangements so you make the most of the break rather than feeling lost and lonely without the kids around especially at times like Christmas.
If you are reading this and thinking what the hell, there is no way my ex would agree to this.  I get that, stand your ground, give it a go and see what happens. Jenny is the creator of the Divorced Women's Club and she provides advice and support for women at different stages of the separation and divorce journey through her coaching and mentoring, writing, on-line programs, free resources and the Divorced Women's Club Members Lounge, a private community with members from around the world which has become a powerful resource for women to connect, share and support each other. This entry was posted in Children, Co-parenting, Dealing with Emotions, Divorce, Divorce Advice For Women, Divorce Support Group For Women, Divorced Womens Club, Festive Season, holidays, Life After Divorce For Women, Relationships, Self Mastery, Self-discipline, Separated parents and tagged Anger, animosity, Antagonism, fighting, hostility, kids, resentment.
DIVORCED WOMENS CLUBPlease take some time to have a look around at the different options we have created to guide and support you at every stage of your journey.
I thought her childish, the things she said to her teenage son I would never entertain saying to mine. From what I saw she was not a representative of most women my age who have dated younger men. Older, younger, same age – what difference does any of it make if we are compatible with our partners in the ways that matter to us?
And certain aspects of one’s private life are never (appropriately) shared with a child, in particular a teenager.

Triple talaq: Rubina Amin's husband divorced her proclaiming she was no longer attractive to him. Sadly the ones who suffer the most are the kids who become the pawns in the battle to inflict pain where it really hurts the most. At the time it sure feels like you just want to rip their heart out but perhaps its’ time for you to consider a much sweeter revenge. If you need to kick the cat, yell and scream, call him every name in the book you can think of then go for it when you get home, slam doors or whatever it is you need to do and then let it go. Taking the emotion out of any interaction that might involve conflict keeps things on a very level playing field and with an agenda and an outcome that needs to be reached you are training yourself and your ex on what to expect with all future communications. And there are plenty of advantages to going a bit younger in partner (when you’re a woman). A safe place to ask advice, share war stories and connect with others who have “been there, done that.” JOIN NOW!
Hopefully the character has grown up a bit and learned that discussing her sex life with her teenager is a wee bit odd.

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