This month in PCP: Naked guys, car chases, and big jugs of sweet tea (that are full of PCP). If you’re reading this, I presume you share my interest in jumped-up drug addicts acting like lunatics. But while there are many apocryphal stories about PCP, there is truth to the notion that it can elicit weird behavior.
As a public service, I scoured the Lexis-Nexis and Factiva databases for every PCP-related story I could find from the month of March, carefully weeding out all stories having to do with primary care physicians. The baby's mother told police that Rodriguez had come home after a night out and was acting erratically. How exactly do i achieve an outline like oval?Not exactly an oval, but more like a rectangle with round cornersI only want an outline about 1 or 2px wide. We're not just all about 'fun' either - maybe you want to go to a class, a civic event, or help your fellow humans by volunteering and community service. We are a good sized group comprised of people of all types - young, old, studious, hilarious, thoughtful poets, and grand adventurers!

Suggest an event or message a fellow member, just don't miss out on something you want to do! If you are a fun-upbeat, positive, accepting, enthusiastic individual and would like to try something different, make new connections, new friends, go to a variety of places, enjoy different activities, you have found the right meetup!
A lot of those types of stories seem to involve PCP, otherwise known as phencyclidine, otherwise known as angel dust.* PCP is a dissociative drug, which means it can foster feelings of detachment, disorientation, and distortion. She said he was stumbling around, said someone was after him, then said the baby's mother was the devil, police said. What i want in essence is the rounded rectangle tool, but not filled, only outlined and inside it being white.Thanks guys.
We may not get big groups together, maybe just connect a few souls with common interests - or we might just actually get a really big group together! While it can feel good to let your freak flag fly, doing so can have unfortunate consequences, as a New Britain, Conn., man recently learned. In Oklahoma City, another mother left her two-year-olds alone inside an unlocked car while she ran a brief errand.

When the cops came to arrest him, he was sitting naked on the roadway, after having passed the baby off on a random motorist who stopped to render assistance.
On the other hand, you run the risk of losing your potential profit if a friend gets thirsty.
In Houston, Texas, an allegedly PCP-addled driver led police on a 15-to-20 mph car chase before he was caught, presumably when he stopped to let a bunch of baby ducklings cross the street.
In mid-March, after the second problem apparently met the first problem, Rodriguez ended up with a third problem: a first-degree kidnapping charge.
Cops found the car a few minutes later, with the children unharmed and a disoriented PCP user behind the wheel.
At times we will also be joining other Meetup groups for a variety of activities such as hikes, sightseeing, museums, ect.

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