Micro Braids, also popularly known as invisible braids or mini braids, are hugely popular among African American women.
Her gorgeous face and graceful figure could be regularly seen in full page ads in such publications as Esquire, Life and The Saturday Evening Post, Fortune and Time, etc.
When Betty turned 16 – the abundance of various beauty titles started to hit her by surprise over and over again.
Betty also was the first model to receive a percentage every time her picture was published. In 1961, the 26 years old Betty marries Joe Weider –  the famous canadian bodybuilder and co-founder of the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB).
Arnold Schwarzenegger credited Joe Weider with inspiring him to come to the United States and enter bodybuilding. Apparently Ritter, became ill from her new Angels Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bras.
A lab test of Victoria’s Secret bras like hers came back positive for the presence of formaldehyde, the suit says. About Second City StyleFind out all bout Second City Style and our Chicago-centric love of fashion. Even Hollywooda€™s most beautiful women suffer from sallow skin, crepey eyes and thinning lips over 50. BLITZ YOUR BROWS LIKE MERYL STREEPEyebrows lighten and thin with age, so using an eye pencil will make a dramatic difference to an older face, restoring definition and structure.
FRESHEN YOUR FACE LIKE VANESSA REDGRAVEThe wrong foundation can be more ageing than grey hair. GET A GLOW LIKE DEMI MOOREAs we getA  older our cheeks drop, so blusher makes faces instantly more youthful. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Whenever a conversation among my mother, aunts and me on beauty products comes up, they start asking me about the best eye serums or gray hair cover-ups.
While it's my job as a beauty editor to be "in the know" about the latest and greatest in the industry, a lot of what's on the beauty counters is just a bunch of BS.
Having worked for years in the industry as a beauty editor, marketing officer and consultant, Robinson knows her way around the cosmetics aisle.
When we asked Robinson why she felt the need to put together a handy guide for mature women, she told us, "[Women over 50] spend 4 trillion annually in goods and services and our cosmetic needs for our changing skin are ignored by the beauty industry except for being sold wrinkle creams!

After a long weekend spent studying "Toss the Gloss," we'd like to highlight seven hair and makeup mistakes women over 50 should avoid.
As you read these tried-and-true tips, Robinson wants you to keep this in mind: "Don't try to reclaim youth, reclaim yourself.
A good night's sleep does make a difference to our skin, as it repairs and restores itself while we rest.
Your skin is likely not as smooth as it once was, and perhaps has a few lines and rough patches as well.
Droopy eyes can be changed by slightly arching the brows and extending them outward toward the temples (rather than having the tail curve down around the eye). Get a color that complements your skin tone, a cut that complements your body type and don't get obsessed with what you can't have -- especially since a quick glimpse in the mirror should prove you've likely got plenty to work with.
You still have to take care of gray hair with the proper maintenance, including regular cuts, nourishing conditioners and the occasional hair mask.
In an attempt to hide or cover up our bodies, especially if we've packed on a few post-menopausal pounds, we end up looking heavier. The right make-up can hide a multitude of sins, but getA  it wrong and you can look much older.
Create small, light, imperfect strokes, tracing where brows have thinned so they look natural and not drawn on.A Avoid anything darker than your hair colour a€” brows that blend in look more forgiving. Instead of applying it just aroundA  the cheeka€™s apple a€”the fattest part of the cheek a€” blend upwards and outwards towards the ear covering a larger surface area. As long as the rest of your face looks natural, a bright red, pink or orange works in your 50s, 60s or 70s. Carefully applied eye liner and mascara, however, canA  work miracles and create definition.A Use good eyeliner and pull the eyebrow as high as you can. Lack of sleep makes the skin appear dull and lifeless, and accentuates dark circles under the eyes. Apply your concealer with a light hand, layering it thinly over your foundation and "patting" it in place with a small, stiff flat brush (or use your ring finger or a high-quality silk sponge). Powder blush will sit in those lines, and your cheeks will end up looking splotchy and uneven. You may be adept at plucking your own brows, but it's best to leave this grooming technique to a professional.
No matter what our size, a woman over 50 should have the right fit--not tight, but a fit that defines the waist.

According to today’s NY Post Roberta Ritter’s lawsuit charges it was caused by formaldehyde in the bras! CelebrityA  make-up artist Lisa Eldridge has worked with Vanessa Redgrave and Sandra Bullock as well as younger stars such as Keira Knightley. This counters a sagging jowl and gives a brighter, flushed feel.A Circles of blusher look dated.
But texture is important, as lips thin and dry as we get older and matt lipsticks dry lips out even more.
They may seem sexy and sophisticated in the tube, but dark shades creep into those lines around your moth and nothing ages you more than "bleeding" lipstick. Gray hair left unattended will never measure up to the beautiful statement it can make about entering your middle years. If you are confident of its high care and maintenance; then there is no harm in carrying micro braids. Betty Brosmer’s pretty face and curvaceous figure graced more than 200 magazine covers. Here, she reveals the top products and tricks for older faces a€” and which stars do it best. Work the colour into the root and base of the lashes, staying on the outer half of the eyelid to open the eye and add depth.A Apply mascara right to the roots of lashes, using a magnifying mirror to help you see what youa€™re doing. With modern day hair care products and pro stylists around, it is not hard to get a stylish and unique micro braid hairdo. Older women shouldna€™t wear shiny liquid liner, which looks far too severe.A Use a cotton bud or fingertip to smudge and soften the edges of liners or eyeshadows.
Ita€™s all about maintaining soft, flattering lines.A Whenever I do her make-up with an apricot blusher she stops me, handing over a pink one instead, which always looks better. Eyelashes can thin with age but fake eyelashes can help.A Accents a€” shorter lash strips about ten lashes long a€” are natural looking and easy to apply. She has a strong brow bone and deep set eyes, so smoky, well-blended colours at the back of the socket bring out her eyes.

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