Just a day after Drake surprised Rihanna at her show in Dallas, Rihanna returned the favor by showing up to his show in Houston. Could these two really be rekindling a romance…or are they just showing each other some friendly support?
Rihanna has been spotted out and about wearing camo pants, while her uh, Birthday Cake and Turn Up The Music partner, Chris Brown was spotted wearing camo pants around the same time.
Drake is a fan of this look and so is Lala who sported camo pants with sneakers to support her husband at the Knicks game against the Nets. Glamazon Channing is a full-fledged freelance fashion journalist from a tiny town in Pennsylvania blogging and vlogging her way to the Big City. I remember when I noticed the distance between my childhood best friend and myself once I hit college. If I let Drake run my life with his lyrics, I’d never go looking or accept the ones who approach me.

When she isn’t hunched over in front of her MacBook, you can find her scouring the pages of the latest Vogue, painting her nails and re-applying her fierce red lipstick. It took me three years to realize that I wasn’t the first person Ashley called when she got an A in her Psych class. Drake can afford to shun the new people who want to be a part of his life because with his fame, any new friendship comes with a pinch of doubt. That doesn’t make me blind to folks with bad intentions and bright smiles, eager to make it to the top by using you as a step stool. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription.
I’ll stop being messy, but someone page Karrueche (Kid Fury has some kind words of advice for her, lol). Drake’s latest tune is garnering the same visceral reaction and now folks are out here putting new friendships on the chopping block.

The problem with this repetitive tune lies in the disconnect between a rock star’s life and an average Joe. I was also no longer getting birthday cards, courtesy girl time phone calls or even a poke on Facebook. I’m not the only one because a few of our favorite male and female celebrities are having a camouflage moment. If the people weren’t there for them from day one, how are they to trust their intentions?

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