Special Love Note : " In you eyes I have found my HOME, In you Heart I have found my LOVE, In your soul i have found my MATE, With you i am WHOLE, FULL, ALIVE.
As of now, theĀ original tweet that blew up has thousands of likes and retweets, which should only go up as the video continues to spread on Twitter.
We have to wonder if she's actually a rapper or if this is just a hobby that she likes to do.
Former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny "Football" Manziel Indicted For Assaulting Ex-GF Colleen Crowley.
Master P says much of the praise for Prince since his death is hypocritical {VIDEO} Do you agree?
Was execution style massacre of eight family members in sleepy Ohio village caused by jealousy over a $3,000 demolition derby car?

87% of White women want to have sex with Black men, according to new study but will not settle down with them. Meek Mill At Odds With His Probation Officer, Who Grew Up In The Same Philadelphia Neighborhood As Him. Someone who you can talk to about everything and will stand next to you even with your unwanted attitudes. Late Tuesday night, a video surfaced of two people having sex, with the woman literally freestyling as they were getting it on.
And not only was she freestyling, but she was actually dropping some crazy bars with a flow that somehow managed to match the man's pumps. Like, her focus is amazing, though you could argue the guy might not have been doing something right if she was able to get off bars like that during sex.

You are mine, of this we are certain, you are looses in my heart, The small key is lost, you must stay forever. The entire thing is pretty fascinating and has quickly blown up all over the social media network, with users continuously adding some hilarious jokes to the video.

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