I am so very excited to share something with you that has been part of our family tapestry for years.
If there’s one thing I can encourage parents to prioritize is this precious time together.
When we gather together as a family over a shared meal, it’s a time of being deliberate with our moments. My Christmas gift to you this year is to make that time as meaningful as possible by sharing our Family’s Dinner Questions tradition, and a free, printable Conversation starter question file. For years, we have had a simple plastic jar filled with Conversation Starters and Dinner Questions on our table. Have fun with this time and establish your own tradition with how you want to use these questions. With over 220 Conversation starter questions already determined for you (ten questions per page), the beauty of this customizable file is that at the end of my questions, you may type in your own personalized questions making them fun and meaningful to your own family. This is the perfect last minute, meaningful gift idea as well for teachers, neighbors, friends and family. Feel free to get as creative as you want with the jar.  My dollar store plastic container has worked wonders for years.
I love this topic, my family loves this so much we burn through our questions really quickly. This just popped up in my pinterest feed and I see that I’m a couple years late to the dinner party! Well, today I’d like to help you turn those mealtimes into lasting memories by making them more fun and enjoyable with the Table Talk Family Dinner Conversation Starters cards. The set includes 8 different retro, kitchen-inspired designs, with 12 cards for each design. You can choose to print your cards with the design on the back or just print out the front of the cards.
Table Talk: Family Dinner Conversation Starters CardsThis set of downloadable, printable cards contains 96 cards - 64 conversation starters cards & 34 blank cards so you can make up your own questions that are unique to your own family.

Not only do I completely love this concept, but the fonts, colours, and overall design of these printables are killer! Decades later, this will be a pivotal time that your children remember, long after the hectic schedules cease. By unplugging and insisting on a technology free time together, we come ready to share life as a family. One person can pick a card and everyone can answer the same question, or every one can pick their own. Perhaps you have some inside jokes that would make perfect questions or story starters for your family’s Christmas gathering? We have included pre-printed labels for you to add onto your choice of jar, box or bowl (see above). You may have the kids adorn it with their own crafty creations – glitter, glue, ribbon etc, or you may choose to make it a more elegant gift with a beautiful, glass container. This will give you a very polished look, but if your desire is a meaningful, yet virtually free gift, print the file onto paper or card stock and cut them yourself. I’ve been thinking about ways to create more meaningful interaction while we eat together. I’m absolutely, 100%, no questions asked, printing these and giving them away!!!!!!!!!! I remember reading lots of great dinnertime convo ideas a year or more ago, but I didn’t pay it much heed. Most nights that we gather together, we dim the lights, eat by candlelight, even if it’s just pizza and chips, and pick a question from the Family Dinner Question Jar. I have thought about doing something like this for teachers at the end of the year.You will make that project very easy! It would have been smart for marketing, but then I also wanted people to give them as gifts, so didn’t want to intrude on it being a special gift.
My oldest daughter is autistic and it’s difficult to maintain conversations with her.

I love spending the time with my family and the conversations that we have during that time.
This has given us great opportunity to enhance her communication and learn more about her as well as the rest of the family.
And, at least in our family, it was hard to get our kids to stop at all between mouthfuls.But talking at the dinner table is an important part of family life.
It’s hard to find out how the day went at the dinner table because they want to do our dinner questions! I have never thought about giving these as a gift, what a great idea – Thanks for sharing!
These kinds of moments not only build relationships, but research suggests that family dinner conversations have a lot to do with building language skills and the ability to think critically.In talking to dads and other family experts about this topic, I have tried to identify some questions or comments that, when used, can be the start of some memorable family conversations.
But perhaps they will spark some ideas of your own that would work well with your family and its personality. What should we change to be less so?" Questions that ask for feedback on family lifestyle open some doors to meaningful conversation. Questions like this one tend to get right to the root of current issues in your community, nation and world. One word of caution: while some families like to debate issues at the dinner table, some family members who are more shy may feel intimidated. A little creative thinking and starting and maintaining a tradition of such conversations will make a big difference in your family's life.

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