Although the story may be fictional, centuries later people still struggle with these kinds of conflicts.  How many kids go to college and become doctors because that’s what they’re parents wanted them to do?  Or how many of us buy the latest technology because we are told that it is the best and we must have it?  But more personally, how many times do we find ourselves doing things and then later not understanding why we behaved in such a way, or doing something we swore we would never do? This entry was posted in Passion Blog and tagged #englishmajor, #identity, #King, #passion, #RCL1314. I think it is difficult to be completely sure of who we are and I have found myself filling out personality tests according to who I want to be rather than who I am, which has made me lose faith in the validity of those tests. Follow this link to get 15% discount on your entire order for active duty, veterans and retired military and their immediate families. Get a 20% discount on every order plus other bonuses when you get and use the NFL Extra Points Visa card. Click the Extra Points Card link for near the bottom of the landing page for more information and to apply.
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I recently started a new job in a small office which I now refer to as "The Land of the Fit." The company mostly consists of singles in their late twenties with no kids and all the free time in the world to work out, plus expendable income to eat organic, healthy food at every meal. I would consider my muffin top to be the most organic thing about me and a true symbol of my dedication to physical fitness. The lineup included 14 rookies in the advertising game, each paying about $5 million for a minute of airtime.
So with these questions in mind I’ll ask one last time, do we really know ourselves as well as we may think we do, or have we deluded ourselves into believing that we are the people that we subconsciously want to become? You’ll discover the latest styles in T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats for men, women and kids. It's not unlike water shrinking the skin on your fingers; instead you're bathing in the stress hormone cortisol. Not just why the Panthers lost, not the halftime entertainment mashup …but instead which were  the best and worst Big Game commercials.

Lately, I have been taking personality quizzes online with my friends to see what characters we would be in certain tv shows, and I’ve noticed that many people answer characteristics that describe who they want to be, and not who they actually are. Tailgating supplies with your teams’ colors and logo are also available - from grilling aprons and tumblers, to shot glasses and license plate holders.
The true fan will want to deck out areas of their home, office or school with their NFL team – look for phone cases, bobbleheads, headphones, pennants and notebooks - to name a few of the most popular items. Regardless of what you choose for yourself or the football fan in your life, you know it’s authentic when it comes from the NFL Shop.

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