Ladies,  your body can change at different times of your life, and well all put on lose weight at different times, but essentially you have a body type which cannot be changed. Join Date Mar 2009 Location A House on a Hill Posts 2,388 I'd say rectangle, at this stage.
Anyway, looking at your photos, there's not much muscle mass anywhere, and you'd benefit visually from having some more muscle everywhere. Join Date Dec 2012 Posts 4 very helpful answer,thank you very much, now I know where to start .

So, the best thing to do is not to compare and compete with others; what you have got is the best for you!
Then sign up for Fashion Round Up and I'll do all the hard work for you!Straight to your in box each and every month, and FULL of fashion! It's hard to give an exact answer, though, because part of body type is bone structure, and part of it is where your fat is distributed. So a generic full-body program will probably be a fine place to start, and once you've made some progress and have seen how your muscles respond to training (and have learned how to contruct a program that doesn't put you at risk of creating muscle imbalances), then you can start playing around with the finer details.

In any case when you are more aware of your body shape, you can choose clothes that are much more suited to your frame, helping you to appear have that sought-after "hourglass" figure that all of us girls want!
Besides that, most people will fit somewhere between the various defined body types, just as most singers have a voice that's somewhere between dramatic bass and lyrical soprano, rather than fitting neatly into one classification.

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