The Katana was developed in the early 15th century, when the feudal era was brought to it's climax in what historians call "The Age of States at War." This era began when the Feudal lords of ancient Japan began fighting amongst one another for control of the land. In 1862, just before the start of the Meiji period, Tokugawa sent officials and scholars to China to study the situation there. Japan now has let the westerns take over, so the Japanese wear now what we wear, and only wear a kimono on special occasions.
Some shoes are covered in glitter, while others are bright, and some (like the shoes pictured above) are covered in spikes! This time in japanese history ended with the Meiji restoration, when Japan was restored to a unified country and swords were outlawed.
A Japanese recorded in his diary from Shanghaia€¦ The Chinese have become servants to the foreigners.

Sovereignty may belong to China but in fact it's no more than a colony of Great Britain and France.
Now, as long as you look good, it doesn't matter if what you are wearing is practical or not. This means that the tsuka itself can be up to 14" long, much shorter than the grips of it's predecessors, the No-Dachi and the Tachi. First, the samurai would grab the tsuka with his right hand directly below the tsuba, or cut guard, which would keep his hand from slipping onto the blade. Next, he would place the pommel, the very bottom of the tsuka, into the palm of his left hand.
The left hand would then be wrapped around and turned vertical so that the sword's pommel would be halfway into his closed hand.

This left a gap of anywhere from 6" to 8" between the warrior's hands which allowed for superior flexibility. Because of the space between the fighter's hands, the sword's master could easily cut horizontall, vertically and diagonally.
Here, wooden swords called bokuto or bokken were used so the students would not give one another lethal injuries.
Later, the flexible bamboo shinai were developed, which would allow students to strike one another without cauing injury.

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