SUI Solutions is an independent entity and this web site has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by FileMaker, Inc. Expand your FileMaker solutions with SUI Calendar template – a powerful tool to help plan events, meetings and tasks. Schedules can be viewed in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and plain list overviews with corresponding levels of detail, each with the option for a quick view of any single day. Users can receive e-mail notifications about newly assigned appointments and track appointments assigned to other team members.

Single User MacOS X Runtime Demo version that does not require FileMaker software installed. Single User Windows Runtime Demo version that does not require FileMaker software installed. Purchasing a support package in conjunction with SUI Calendar will enable you to rest assured that all technical aspects of using our product will be handled so you are free to provide you or your team with the professional support to effectively use it. It supports team interaction by allowing users to comment on each other’s appointments.

With this unit you can make new Interface language for the SUI Calendar (if you can't to find your language in the supported languages list). E-mail notifications, multiple calendar views and automatic user management are also included in this FileMaker calendar template.

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