As Return of Kings readers are well aware, I’ve been singing the praises of the Philippines for a while now. Unfortunately, as Roosh and other writers have discussed, numerous countries full of sweet, loving girls are being assimilated into the American Borg. However, I believe that the Philippines will be able to resist the worst parts of Americanization, at least for the next few decades. This sounds like a weird thing to bring up, but the Philippines’ isolated location will insulate it from the most degenerate expats. Feminists typically and cynically sell their ideology as a means of offering women equal rights, but the problem is that Filipino women already have equal rights. Because Filipinas are already legally equal to men, the virus of American feminism is stripped of one of its most important vectors.
The best analogy I can think of for Filipino culture is the katamari from Katamari Damacy: a giant adhesive ball that sucks up everything it encounters and makes it its own.
Yet despite their appetite for foreign cultures, Filipinos have retained their own unique identity.
Kings Wiki is an ROK-affiliated wiki that contains articles around the themes of masculinity and nationalism. Saturday July 9th 2016, and Newark, New Jersey Sunday July 10th Seminar only tour discounts, meet Dating Expert Bud Patterson, past successful tour clients, and many more! Filipino girls want a relationship that will last for a lifetime because they are the type of people who will give you their love, loyalty and faithfulness ‘till death.
If you are dating Filipino women just for fun and excitement, you will likely find it easy to catch a Filipino date.
On the surface, it would seem that Filipinas are ripe for plugging into the matrix of the U.S.

Because the country is an archipelago, the only way in is through sea or air. The added expense of going to the Philippines will deter many of the losers who infest Thailand, Cambodia, and other expat destinations on the mainland. Filipinas can work, vote, go to school and exercise virtually any freedom that their American counterparts have. Without the Trojan horse of women’s liberation, all feminists have to offer Filipinas is socially sanctioned sluttiness, materialism, and loneliness. Nations with artificially low birth rates end up that way due to a combination of economics and moral degeneracy.
While having too many children brings with it its own problems, the fact that Filipinos are still cranking out kids speaks to their pride and moral strength. Because of this, and because of many of the Philippines’ other qualities, I expect that the country will be one of the last holdouts in our culturally Marxist world.
He is the author of Do the Philippines: How to Make Love to Filipino Girls in the Philippines and many other books, available here.
Indeed, you could make the argument that Filipinas are more free considering that the Philippines has had two women presidents while the U.S. Thanks to the continued strength of Filipino families, Filipinas still prioritize marriage and children over pointless personal pleasures, depriving American feminism of the soil it needs to grow.
Virtually every western nation, for example, has a fertility rate below the replacement rate of 2.1.
Not only that, if your goal is to bang a lot of girls, the high birth rate helps you by giving you an ever-expanding menagerie of girls to choose from.
While this might seem like it would make the country susceptible to feminism and fattitude, think again. Prospective love tourists will be able to find happiness with a Filipina long after all the other poosy paradises have become wastelands of iCrack cuntiness.

They are serious when it comes to dealing with relationships because they want to be treated as how women should be treated. Some of these women find marriage with foreigners to be their only way out of poor living conditions. You should not be cheap but do not spoil her either, especially if you do not intend to be serious.
Filipino singles are religious by nature and those that are in relationships expect their man to hear mass with them.
Matt's work has also been featured at Reaxxion, Taki's Magazine, Right On, Alternative Right, and other sites. So many Filipinas turn 18 every day that unless you ply your trade in a small city, you’ll never have to worry about being found out. Even a simple message such as asking how her day was can make her feel more comfortable around you. Dating a Filipina means being patient and possibly telling her that events will start a half an hour earlier than they actually do. Because of this, it should be easy for you to find girls even if you are not looking for marriage.

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