I wrote this entire FAQ myself, no part, in written format was taken from any outside source. After arriving back at Ken's once again, you'll notice another man is in his office, real estate baron Avery Carrington. Start the mission by speaking to Carrington, and head over to the icon to get your Havana Wear.
Cortez needs you to watch over a deal Diaz has set up, so first, you'll need some firepower. This one is very easy, and very fun, it's your first chance to test out the tank, on a mission, that is. This is a cool mission, and there are several ways to approach it, including a helicopter drop-in, but since it's fairly easy, I'll go with the normal way.
You need to prove to the Cubans that you have big cojones, so just complete this boating course in the time allotted. This mission is fairly easy, just take the Patriot from Phil's place, and wait for the gun trucks to start rolling in. Make sure you have a good sub-machine gun, for drive-bys, and a sniper rifle with lots of ammo. Sonny Forelli has sent six of his lackeys, in three separate groups, to head down and tax your businesses.
This one starts off with you getting a call, supposedly from Mercedes Cortez, asking you to meet her in this large clearing down at the docks. This mission is very straightforward, and fairly easy, so long as you are good at shooting, hopefully you've had some practice by now. The Seaplane is a tougher thing to fly then a chopper, so I recommend you take a few tries just to get oriented with flying it, since this mission is very easy, if you can fly it.
This course can be a bit tricky, just make sure you are comfortable with driving the boats.
Here is a list of all the cars you need for each of the Sunshine Auto's lists, click each name for a picture of the vehicle. Dirt Ring: This is a Sanchez dirtbike course, and there are a whole bunch of checkpoints scattered around the place. Just get into the Sparrow Helicopter at each location, and fly through all the checkpoints as fast as you can. Various Places, wherever the Phone Icon appears, after the unknown caller gives you a ring.
This is the last assassination mission, but this time, you don't have one particular target. You need to do the first shooting range round again, after completing "The Shootist", and you need to get a score of 45 points or more, in order for it to count towards your percentage. Frequented By: Kent Paul - An English bar snake that has brown-nosed his way up every corner of Vice City. Description: A Printing Press workshop, with a variety of capabilities, capable of printing magazines, newspapers, newsletters, or even counterfeit money. Description: An "ice cream" factory, suspected to be a front for illegitimate business practices. Description: Formerly owned by Vice City Mamba's Tight End BJ Smith, this car dealership sells premium cars, as well is a known host of street races. Description: A dock, as well as a common trading post for different boats, through various imports and exports. Description: A pleasant, apartment complex, with convenient location to the North Point Mall. FindFreeForms is your destination for free forms you can use to organize your home and your life. If you are interested strictly in free business forms, check out our sister site, Formville, for thousands of forms. Form Description: Becoming a babysitter is a great way for teens to earn a bit of extra spending cash, and also a great way for them to start learning about how businesses work. You can also, for a small payment, download a fully editable version of the form that you can customize as you desire. This form ("Fancy Babysitting Contract") is associated with the following keywords: babysitting, child care, contract, teens, simple, fancy. Whether you need a small or large job completed, the first step is finding a highly qualified contractors in your area. All pros listed are committed to our quality guidelines ensuring that you get the quality service you deserve. All images are screenshots taken myself, except for some of the images in the hidden package guide, and the Rampage images.
After getting the membership card from Avery, head to Jocksport to get your new Country Club threads.
Gonzalez, one of the turncoats responsible for your drug deal gone wrong, was formerly Cortez's right hand man. Go there, and stand near the courier that's at the top of the elevator to start a cutscene.
After watching another crazy Diaz cutscene, You'll be in a helicopter with Lance, at the helm of a pretty nice gun ; )] . You need to drive down to the Boatyard down near the docks, it'll be the blip on your radar. Just drive a motorcycle into the starting grid (either an Angel or a Freeway), and get ready to race.
To do this mission, you need to cause havoc, through killing, blowing things up, and all around chaos! You need to get Mitch's bike back, and it's in a little alcove area behind Ammu-Nation downtown. It can be tricky, but just make sure you don't crash, stay on course, and keep a good speed, and you'll finish with time to spare. You need to get all the briefcases involved in the Haitian Drug deal back to the restaurant. Take out every single Cuban that comes, making sure that there is at least one Haitian left alive at the end. Find them on your radar, they are yellow blips, and ram them hard, so that the gun crates fall off the back.
Foolish, and drunk, Phil blow's off his arm in the cutscene before the mission, so you need to drive him to the hospital.
It seems a daunting task at first, but is actually fairly easy once you have a good strategy laid out.
All you need to do, is deliever 55 (some say 50) "ice cream's" around the city in one trip, without being busted, or wasted, or getting out of the Mr. Right when this mission starts, RACE down to the docks so you can snipe as many of the women that you can before the courier arrives.
Just dive into the marker, and a bunch of cabs will come out and try to kill you, through any means necessary. All you need to do is maneuver through several checkpoints in the air around the western Vice City island. Take the PCJ-600 to the building marked by the blip on the map, and once you reach the top of it, you'll just need to ramp from rooftop to rooftop, going to each marker. The Squalo, (left) is MUCH faster, and easier to win with, but it takes some practice to get the handling down. This one is a fun one, you just need to complete 3 laps, complete it once, and it counts towards 100%. Once you get on the bike, you have as long as you need before the timer starts, because it doesn't start until you hit the first checkpoint. Also, a big-time competitor with VC Cabs, the two companies will often go to drastic length's to make sure they are the ones who come out on top.
One way to help ensure that your teen can learn all they can, get the instructions that they need, and ensure that they receive the agreed upon rate is by using a Babysitting Contract. Have a little fun with your paperwork by using this fancy version of the babysitting contract.
Businesses that are interested in completing your project request contact you and provide you a quote. You won’t have ROI concerns after paying for generic marketing services from a number of providers that don’t coordinate with each other. Forget about the steep learning curve or the time expense of building your own profitable ad campaigns.
He is hosting a party, and it would be a good place for you to snoop out the Vice City hotshots.
Drive to the nearest of the blips on the radar, and smash up the juror's car at the first one, until Tommy talks to him.

Pick up the explosives by flying very low, and take them to the top floor first, then head back, pick up another explosive, drop it in the barrel on the second highest floor, and so forth, until you reach the ground level. The SWAT's will start firing at you, so just run out of the mall as fast as you can, and kill the courier if at all possible. Go up to the window to look in, the head up to the roof, where the thief will shoot at you, then he'll run away. You need to beat a bunch of other boats to get the merchandise from the boat on the radar, and there are 2 paths you can take. Well, first off, you need to get the cop's attention, so attain a 2-star wanted level to make them follow you into a garage marked on your radar as a blip.
Get some heavy firepower, either some good Machine guns, or SMG's, and even a rocket launcher, from the Hooker Inn pool, near the airport. Once he's in his car, just ram him until it blows up, or do a drive-by to kill him, and the mission is complete. Making the bar go up normally is hard, so what you need to do is blow up a car, then once it's in it's destroyed, and black state, keep shooting it.
The cutscene explains how to get back there, so just ride the bike full speed up the steps, and fly on back. He's set a bomb in Love Fist's limo, and you need to keep at a high speed until the bomb is defused. Once you're ready, get a car with lots of room, preferably a van, and start the mission by driving into the pink marker. Once you've got the car, meet up with your amigos, they are on a blip on the radar, then follow them into the alley. After the cinematic, speed over to the first "stash", and there will be a SWAT enemy shooting at you. Your only real objective is to get some information from a guy inside a boat down near the docks.
Just go to all of the blips (taxi's) on the map, in any order, and drive up beside them, drive-by them until they explode, then get out the explosion's radius.
The best technique is to do a drive-by on one of the cabs, and since they all drive together, it will set off a chain reaction, destroying all the cars. Once you're good with the Squalo, just zip through the course, picking up every checkpoint along the way. Once it goes through that 1st one though, you only have 2 minutes to get a whole whack of checkpoints.
It tells you where the starting grid is, as well as puts a pink blip on your radar representing the starting line.
After you get the call, run down to the yellow blip, and pick up the sniper rifle, and the nice white PCJ. This place turns in huge revenues, so get ready to pay a lot for drinks, and a heck of a lot more, for the place itself. Not only will your teen be able to have some detailed instructions, but also a firm agreement as to what type of compensation they will receive. It still allows you to maintain all of the important information that you need to keep straight, but also allows you to have a bit of fun at the same time.
We will help match requests with a prescreened home improvement company and you will receive a price estimate without cost. First, head to the blue "shirt" blip on your radar, where you will pick up the new Soiree outfit. Kill him, take his phone, then when Lance gives you a gun, kill the angry Chef's coming after you. There are a ton of Haitian Gang members here, so either try to take them out, speed in, or just ignore them.
After the cutscene with the colonel, take the chainsaw he gives you, and drive to the blip on the radar.
If he makes it out, just hop into a car, and run him down, or do a drive-by on his car until he dies, then take the briefcase he was carrying. Take his Kruger, and you can use it on each enemy, then take their Kruger ammo, and you'll be fine. Either head to the left of Leaf Links, that route is longer, but has less winding turns, or to the right, where it's shorter with more turns. Talk to the bar owner, and he'll tell you to sort out your differences with his current security.
Once you get 2 police officers in there, you'll go through a cutscene, and come out with their uniforms on. At the beginning, all you need to do is shoot the enemies who are in boats, who are coming around the Colonel's yacht.
I recommend just doing a kamikaze run through the area, dodging the guys, and killing whoever is in your way. Once you get to the battle area, blow up the car, just by shooting them, that'll take out a bunch of Haitians, from there, just fire a few rounds in at the remaining gang members to take them out. They are very hard to fly at first, and they take some real practice in order to drop the bombs properly.
Make sure you get the weapons, ASAP, so the ANNOYING Faggio-riding idiots don't come for you.
It starts with Sonny Forelli coming down to check on your business, and he wants his money.
Take out the second one, the one without the plates in it, and then chase after the one carrying the plates. Just ram into his car until the VIP gets out, and drive him to the airport, the other taxi can't keep up with you for speed. Once the short cutscene starts, park your Sparrow just to the side of the hotel with the viewing window, you'll need it for a quick escape.
If you miss one, you can always ride back up, start from the first building again, or you can just take a chopper to the rest of the markers. Zip over onto the grass on the waterfront, in order to get a good view of the man on the billboard. Once you get the call, keep a good distance from your target, and wait for the woman to talk to him. So, when you drive up to the alley leading behind the factory, make sure you have a sniper rifle with tons of ammo, a rocket launcher, and a submachine gun. Only use a garage door pro who has outstanding references doing Bathroom Remodeling jobs and who doesn’t have a reputation for poor customer service. Find Lance on the street, drive down to Ammu-Nation, then back to the Ocean View for your reward.
The hearse may drive away, or if you're lucky, like I was, you can just get into the hearse and drive away. The deal begins between Diaz and some Cubans, but then out of nowhere, a group of Haitians come to start some fun. Go inside the back, and up the stairs to the second-from-the-top floor, and go out into the main foyer area. The bikers will always crash, but they are much faster than you, so as long as you don't crash, you can pass them, and stay ahead of them.
The one thing you don't want is a popped tire, so make sure the way is clear before you ride out.
However, you do not need to go full speed the whole time, just cruise down the EASTERN road on the WESTERN island, at a speed that keeps the meter low, but not completely down.
From there, kill all the Haitians outside the factory, then go inside, and BEFORE YOU PLANT ANY BOMBS, kill all Haitians inside.
If you have a Rocket Launcher, you can take out some of the Cuban's by destroying their vans while the drive up. Once you get to the hospital, Phil says to go to an old army buddy of his, it's down in Little Havana. When Lance Vance backstabs you, and tell s Sonny where the real money is, the missions begins. Drive around, and when you see someone coming near you, as a yellow blip on the radar, stop, and wait for the to purchase the "ice cream". What you need to do is chase down the car, and take out both of the women that pop out of the sunroof to gun you down. Each target has 5 parts to it, and you only get points for each target after all 5 parts are gone. Run up a several flights of stairs, until you can't go any higher, and head into a hallway, and look out the window. There are enemies everywhere behind the factory, so take them out from a distance, since your sniping range is longer than their sight range.
After a cutscene, you will just need to drive his daughter, Mercedes, to the Pole Position club.

When the security guards open the gate to stop the riot, walk in, and shoot the red barrels. Go to the pink blip on your radar, a man will be playing golf, and several bodyguards surround him. Work your way around the left side of the boat house, taking out the guys with a shot or two to the head, then take their ammo.
Lance's health is slowly draining, and you need to go fast, drive fast, but carefully down there. Take out all the gang members there, you'll have supporting fire as well, so just use any automatic gun. The reason you're heading here is because one of your men, Mike, wasn't able to blow up the bomb in one of the stores at the Mall. Now, here's the important part: Go to the terminal furthest away from the door FIRST, then the 2nd furthest from the door, then the one right by the door. The SWAT starts coming after you out of the shacks once you get this one, so make sure not to lose a tire.
You should try and keep most of Sonny's men out of the safe, but the most important thing is to kill enough of them so that your objective changes to "Kill Lance Vance the Backstabber". Just get out of your car, and shoot his car up while he drives towards you, and he'll be toast. Once you reach the spotlight, you'll switch the image around, and presto, mission complete, and film studio asset attained! Once you clear them all out, by slowly moving forward, and taking out guys as you see them, head to the roofs, and work your way onto Cherry Poppers. Get their attention by walking near them, and, despite there being many ways to do this mission, I recommend just ignoring the guards, and doing a kamikaze run to your target. Don't drive right behind it, but get beside it and ram or drive-by it until it's destroyed.
Follow him along the roof, then take the Faggio and follow the BF Injection, making sure to dodge his fire. Once you get to the other side, hit the switch to lower the boat by stepping in the marker. Kill everyone that comes after you, take out the guys in boats, and the docks, and in the chopper. Get out, steal the tank, and drive away, nothing can kill you, just make sure you don't get busted.
Just peek around the corner and shoot him before he can get you, and he won't be able to fire back.
After the guys in the pit area are dealt with, all you need to do is follow the guys who go by you on Sanchez's. When you get there, just run into the store, set the bomb in the pink marker, also marked on your radar, and then RUN out of there. Boats will start flying at you, unloading men onto the yacht, a chopper will come overhead, and you will also need to take out the blockade. Zip over to the 3rd and final yellow blip on the radar, taking any means necessary to keep from being killed, and get your hide back to Auntie Poulet's house! Shoot at Lance, then work your way to the to floor of your mansion, firing at Lance from around corners, so that he keeps running.
Also, if the police start chasing you, drive into a Pay n" Spray, then continue about your business. If he gets out of his car, he is only wielding a sword, so if you've got a good distance from him, kill him before he gets to you.
The second round is pretty easy, little characters from GTA3 pop up in only a few different places, get as many points on this round as you can. Once you get three, Candy will say something, and you'll get an automatic 5-star wanted level. If you choose to take a car, like I did my 1st time through, this mission can be very hard. Once you get near where the deal is being done, fire a rocket right where all the guys are standing. Another car will come down the opposite end of the alley, again, Diaz is in danger of being hit by these guys.
Your helicopter can take quite a bit of damage, but don't let it take too much, because there's a rooftop with a group of gangstas packing some heavy heat.
Several enemies will now come for you, just crouch behind the crates, and pop up to shoot them, then duck down, pop up, duck, and so forth. After the last window is broken, you complete the mission, and can now purchase all the properties on the map! Use and M4 or the MP5, in cohesion with the rocket launcher and katana (sword in case they board) to do this. Once you're out, just sprint, sprint, sprint, down the little alley, turn right when you come out of it, into the little alcove, then climb the steps onto the roof, and just keep running! The best technique is to try and fishtail his car at the beginning, and to get an early lead. Just run down to the bottom of the stairwell, kill the couple feds waiting for you, and rush to your sparrow. Once the area's clear, just jump into the boat, as you normally would a car, and speed away, dodging the police boats, and just go to Diaz's jetty at the back of his house.
Just use your sniper rifle to take out all the guys strewn about the yard from a distance, but move FAST. Once you get to the large opening, wait until most of the Haitians are dead, before you take the van with Rico, and escape. Once you get to the roof, duck behind the boxes nearby, kill Lance, and shooting other guys, as well as the explosive barrels. You'll lose a bit of health, but it's way easier than trying to get off the boat by normal means.
It has character boards popping up all around you, some in little windows, others behind walls, etc.
Once they're all dead, take the briefcase, and take the nearby helicopter down to the helipad at the airport.
Once it blows up, Cubans are done, and you get a hefty paycheck, as well as a kind thanks from Umberto! Make sure you account for the speed they are going at, because the bomb generally drops straight down.
Once Lance and the men up there are dead, you can take a quick breather, then head down to the main foyer. As long as you fly high, and fly fast, you'll evade their fire, and the mission will be yours. The one you get from the chopper is awesome, and it has plenty of ammo for the last bit of this mission. You need to drive Lance to the hospital, and a whole bunch of Comet's filled with Diaz's men will start ramming into you. You need a total of 60 points from the 3 rounds combined in order to beat the mission, and have Phil on your side. After you go down to check on Phil, some f00l trips the alarm, and you get a fat wanted level. Take that dead guy's bike, and ram the other Haitian until he crashes, kill him if he doesn't die. Head into the house, and just peek around the corners to take out the guys, go for head shots. Use your SMG to drive-by them, so they blow up, or just keep out of their way, by driving REALLY fast. Soon, a military chopper will come, it will take a lot more damage than the previous heli, so have lots of ammo. The Comet is also useful because it will be in good shape, and your car will probably by in horrible shape by the time you make it there.
The FBI is closing in on you, and you need to do whatever it takes to make it to the restaurant in one piece.
Shoot at him, go for a headshot, whatever it takes, just make sure he dies, right away, otherwise they can inflict some serious pain or even death on you.
You'll go outside, and Hilary will sacrifice himself to buy you a couple seconds of time to shoot. Take down all of the SWAT's surrounding the place, and take the Taxi parked right in front, over to the Pay n' Spray.

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