Are you shocked to know I have had people gasp at me when I say I ate Burger King in Thailand, or TGIF in Bombay?
Obviously, it’s a little different for me because I live abroad, but it has put how I act when I travel into perspective. There are times I wear a dorky headlamp like a pro traveler would; they really do come in handy.
I will wear a bit of a costume for a camel safari in Rajasthan just like I do for the Kentucky Derby. I also don’t think I need to eat Indian food every meal. At home I eat French, Italian, Chinese, or whatever I crave. Be courteous and respectful of a culture, and try everything there is, like street food and local teas. I have seen people decide to act like a new person because they want to fit into the scene around them. All over Asia, Europe, or wherever you go, locals are on their cell phones just like we are back in the States.
Yes, I think I will stay in and watch an entire season of Mad Men…and start eating the 50 pounds of junk food my mom sent me.
Rachel Jones is an American who left a career in nursing to live on the beaches on Goa, India two years ago where she is now a Thai masseuse, candle-maker, and travel writer.
It’s crazy how much people stare, but it’s only the westerners, not that locals!
Some days I like to dress like a 90’s reject with ripped skinny jeans and a tie dye t-shirt and others, I like to think that I look like a smart and respectable young lady. Definitely agree with this post, and I think a lot of your tips are crucial for long-term travelers. But you’re right, where’s the rule that people need to do stuff or refrain from other stuff?
That’s exactly the point- that style suits you so you should dress that way if you want!
Kim Grundy is a mom, writer, expert laundry folder and sandwich maker, not necessarily in that order. Boy Meets World star Rider Strong is not only all grown up, but he and his wife, Alexandra Barreto, have welcomed their first child together. Strong, who is best known as his character Shawn Hunter on the '90s ABC sitcom Boy Meets World, and his wife managed to keep their pregnancy completely secret.

This colorful name, which falls in the rainbow spectrum somewhere between blue and violet, is a unique and hippie-inspired choice for a baby name. Indigo is a unique choice, as the Social Security Administration states that the name is not in the top 1,000 names for any year of birth in the last 100 years.
Indy is a cute nickname and makes us immediately think of Harrison Ford as "Indy" in Indiana Jones, and although the root names are different in this case, the nicknames are the same.
Be sure to wear flowers in your hair when you're wearing this sexy hippie costume as you walk down the street. Sometimes I like to wear the touristy Ali baba pants, not because I’m supposed to but because they are comfortable, breezy, fun colors, and men stare less. But other times while on a train, I might pull out my laptop, watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and read the latest Cosmo on my tablet.
I cannot wait until my first Indian wedding where it will be expected and appropriate to wear a sari. But if you’re craving a slice of pizza, stand in line next to twenty Indians and get a slice.
Some travelers I meet are much older, have been on the road for years, and are the  “backpacker” that someone back home may imagine. Her award winning website gives advice on the other 28 countries she's been to but has become the go-to site on India travel, focusing on off beat places & “glamorous travel”. We live in Korea and the other day we went to get a burger and ice cream at McDonald’s.
Sometimes you need a bit of Starbucks or a movie day or facebook if you don’t want to burn out! We could all stand to be a lot less judgmental of ourselves, at home or on the road, and in turn less judgmental of others. Whilst it’s great to get right into local culture, you have the right to live how you want.
When I was in Ghana I ate more burgers then I ever did at home just because I craved normal food. Although the media-shy couple, who married in 2013, have yet to post any pictures of their newborn son who was born on Dec. It appears that giving color-inspired names is a celebrity baby name trend that is definitely picking up steam.
The fringed vest, peace sign top, and skirt of this 60s costume will let everyone know you believe in free love, man!

Contrary to popular belief, all Indians do not eat curries every meal, and you don’t have to either! Indians love pasta. Just because I’m white you can’t assume that I am a tourist here Facebook messaging someone back home- but even if I was, what business is it of yours? Hippie in Heels has been featured in ELLE magazine & was voted by Flipkey as one of the top 25 female bloggers to follow this year.
Isn’t that kind of the idea of being a traveler – being open minded and living freely? And you make a good point about people criticising travellers for doing things that locals actually do.
The most well-known example is, of course, Beyoncé and Jay Z, who named their daughter Blue Ivy. They can’t believe I still download and watch my shows from home that I love, or that I’d go to a boring movie theatre on a laid back night.
But when I wear I little dress, I sometimes feel that’s what people think when they see me.
For all you know, they are homesick or actually sick and need the comfort of home in that moment.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just picked the name Violet for their baby girl, while Tobey Maguire has a daughter named Ruby.
This is also a good reminder for me because while I don’t think I am being untrue to myself in Mumbai, I am having a hard time listening to what I need when so few live without running water or electricity. Today, I felt guilty taking an afternoon of napping, but then I justified it by the fact that I have been off and on sick, so need to take care of myself. You might live in Goa but you want to be up to date on how family and friends back home (or round the corner!) are going.
But overall, your message in this post is a great one for anyone, anywhere who decides to leave home and see the world.

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