Carla must be hearing a lot of her hottie ex-boyfriend lately, with all the attention he is getting for his portrayal of the Greek leader Themistocles, but let’s move the spotlight on to her. Before she landed her star-role as “Steph” her career was limited to television commercials and programs. That wasn’t a good year for the Neighbors star who was also involved in car accident and was charged with “unlicensed driving.
The actress keeps in good shape and we’ve seen her change her look many times, what do you think? In 2010, to the disappoint of many the actress announced she was leaving the soap after 11-years, and turned to writing and wanting to spend more time with her family. The author who lives close to Melbourne has been involved in several charities over the years, specially AIDS charities having lost her father to the illness. NL Escape - Maxxis, MCC, Runva, Narva, Uniden, Vision X, Ignite, Pioneer, Revolution, Ctek, Great Whites, Dobinsons, Desert Fox, Projecta, Strike, VMS, Boo's Bash Plates, Rock Sliders, Redarc, Primus, Polyairs, AOB Breathers, Homebrand Drawers and eBay. Also got an email this morning saying my wheels had arrived off the boat from Japan and were ready for pickup.

Bought some KYB Excel-G replacement shocks, so I'm getting some GQ springs as well hopefully in before I head away this weekend.
I got really angry because after I had done some nice line work with my pen that I actually really liked I messed up the watercolour and to cover up I had to use a lot of black, so I am kind of sad about how it turned out!
She is the ex-girlfriend of Australian film and television actor and most recently famous for his role in the movie “300: Rise of an Empire,” Sullivan Stapleton.
She is best known for playing the role of Steph Scully in the soap opera Neighbours, a role she played for over a decade! In 2002 Carla did a brief appearance in Celebrity Big Brother and also ended her long term relationship with her childhood sweetheart & father to her children. Two years later, in 2012, Bonner wrote and published a dating book for men called “Hook, Line and Sink Her” for which she has teamed up with producer Gary O’Toole to develop a 12-part television series based on her book.
Most of the one I've found are advertised as gen1 but when I open the ad it's really for a gen2. Our guess is that they met through Stapleton’s sister Jacinta, who was Carla’s former co-star in Neighbors.

Parents had a similar problem in their '94 3ltr as well, and that turned out to be the ISC from memory. Was helping my housemate empty out his garage and found the awning off his old landy so he gave it to me.. I really want import headlights & grill, too, but I can't find any and don't know where to look.
They're tinted and look cool I reckon, but nah, haven't been able to find passenger ones before.

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