Watch our videos featuring: apartment rental tips, neighborhood and apartment tours, and more. I have to wonder if most job seekers believe that all job listings are only online—or at least, are only on job boards.
LinkedIn – Join job search groups, professional groups, and make connections with recruiters who make placements in your area of expertise. Facebook – ‘Like’ companies that you want to work for, and search their pages often for openings.
In-Person Networking Events – Toastmasters, local association meetings, professional group meetings. There are many other ways to find a job these days, and these are just a few ideas to get you started. Once you do get that interview, you’ll want to check out my article on 5 Things Every Prospective Employer Wants to Hear.
Job Searching on social networking sites like LinkedIn, twitter and facebook is the latest trend and definitely gives a better result.
I am the owner of a job board myself, and I definitely want to inspire people to meet face to face! It is submitted subject to errors, omissions, change of price, commission or conditions, or withdrawal without notice. On a weekly basis I hear from job seekers who are searching for jobs only on Monster, CareerBuilder, or some other big name job board—and they’re wondering why it’s taking them so long to find a job.

And if you’re searching only on job boards (no offense to the job boards—because they can be a great resource—I’m not trying to knock anyone), then you’re missing out … on a lot of opportunities. Networking online is a great way to find out about opportunities that never make it to the job boards. Many companies will list open positions on Facebook that you’ll never hear about anywhere else. Use hash tags to find open jobs, find and follow recruiters, hiring managers, companies you want to work for, and career professionals.
The important thing is to remember to diversify your search and not spend all day on job boards. It will help guide you to a great interview and help you to position yourself as a great hire!
Leveraging more than ten years’ experience directing hiring practices for Fortune 500 companies, Jessica's innovative and brand-driven resume development strategies have secured a 99.6% interview-winning success rate for her clients.
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Well, I’m here to tell you … if you hold the belief that Monster, CareerBuilder, and Insert Name of Job Board You Are Using is the only place to find a job, you are wrong. It’s very important when you’re in a job search, that you diversify your search to get the best results. Hand out copies of your resume, networking cards, and have your elevator speech ready when it’s your 30 seconds to shine.

Get some!) in an envelope … with the name and address of the person to whom you are sending it—and be sure that it’s hand-written.
Yes, there are jobs there—and I’m not knocking the job boards by any means—but I am encouraging you to broaden your horizons. Applying to positions on job boards is a numbers game … and the odds aren’t in your favor … simply because you’re competing against a lot more people. Problem with using fancy labels and printing directly onto the envelope … while this does look nice … it nevertheless looks like junk mail. Click here to view the local offices of the Comptroller of the Currency - Regulator of nationally charted institutionsIf your local bank is state chartered, it reports to a state regulatory agency.
Target companies within a certain radius of your house (however far you’re willing to commute), and send them copies of your resume and cover letter. They may have a great opening you’re perfect for—but they haven’t advertised it, and you would never know it’s available.

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