As you can probably guess, this tumblr takes two things that are universally loathed by almost everyone unless you’re one of the people who is involved in either of them. Here are a few of the best pictures I’ve come across so far, but check out Rich Kids Of Instagram if you want to see some more. Nobody really likes instagram because nobody gives a fvck about what you had for lunch or what coffee shop you’re in or what video game you just bought or any of the other crap that people post dumb pictures of on there.

The comments that accompany the photos are the ones that accompanied the original instagrams I think.
She posts pictures because she likes the way she looks in them, and the only thing she cares about is that her friends like the pictures."It's not supposed to make sense. It's just supposed to make you feel good," said Stewart, who has more than 200,000 Instagram followers.

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