There is a growing numbers of marriages between western men and Thai women has prompted a lot of research by government agencies and academics. These figures indicate a 15% divorce rate over a ten year period in marriages registered between Thai women and men from foreign countries.
It is not uncommon for Thai wives of middle aged western men to handle all the housework but this picture is changing among younger westerners who choose to marry a Thai women.
A new Thai wife in Norway interviewed for the thesis explained why she valued her Viking husband over a Thai man. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I figured the 4th of July was a good day to publish my collection of American coin objects that I’ve scanned over the past week. Back in November of 2006, in the first month I started this site, I scanned an Air Canada boarding pass at a high resolution, edited out all the identification information on it, and posted it on this blog. These objects are free for personal use, but commercial use is prohibited without permission. The first such instalment is for a personal project: I needed a blank plane ticket or boarding pass that I could customize to use as part of a surprise for some friends, so I went to Google and did some image searching.

You can download it in different sizes, in a decidedly modern design for your personal use, or for wider use.
If the use is made in the context of a site generating income, or for the purpose of generating income, a DMCA statement (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) will be filed. Keywords: Flag thailand wallpaper, Thai, Kingdom of Thailand, National thai flag, banner, pictogram, country, icon, Thailand icon, international, Bangkok, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pak Kret, Asia. The latest statistics from Thailand's marriage registration offices in Bangkok indicate that marriages between Thai women and foreign men are remarkably successful. I did this because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to create it and share it with others. None were quite right – most were low-resolution, making them impractical for what I needed to do which was layer some text over top and make a print out that looked almost as good as the original. Little did I know how popular that blog entry would become, and how many people were looking for exactly the same thing. So the objects I scan will be posted to this blog, with the goal of creating a collection of high-resolution, transparent objects in PNG or JPEG (if transparency isn’t required) format.
Some of these posts will seem like nonsense to you, but as strange as they might be, I figure that if I’m looking for something, someone else out there is probably doing the same thing.

So I fired up my scanner, did a 300 dpi scan of a recent boarding pass from my trip to Thailand, and used a clone brush to delete the elements of text that I wanted to customize. Red, as in many national flags, is for struggle of the patriots for independence, and the blood shed by them. Over the past 12 months, that one blog entry has gotten 22,868 page views, making it one of the more popular pages on this blog. Not only is it middle aged men but now younger western men are also lining up to marry Thai women. I estimate that since first posting it in 2006, around 100,000 people have visited that page. Took make 15 minutes total, and the results look awesome when cranked out on my colour laser printer (an HP 2600n). And if you’re looking for another blank airline boarding pass, check out this British Airways blank boarding pass that I scanned.

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