Bad images are worse than no images because they look unprofessional and can degrade the perception of quality for your quiz. Images can do wonders for your quiz, but make sure to follow those simple steps to yield the full benefit of using photos. 80% of people will use your quiz title to decide if they want to click through and take it. Third, if possible, test the three titles against each other by creating three different pages, one with each title and sharing each page on a different social network. To start things off, we compared Buzzfeed quiz titles to other quiz titles to discover what they have done to be so great. Slight changes like this can help you speak to the quiz taker and personalize your quiz rather than treating them like just another visitor. Building off of Gladwell, Buzzfeed’s managing editor determined that you must make quiz results personal and stimulating enough to be worth sharing. Buzzfeed has done a lot of the hard work by perfecting the methods for creating quizzes that drive traffic. Josh is the co-founder of Interact, a place for creating fun quizzes that also generate leads. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Facebook rolled out a new feature over the weekend designed to help you make friends with the people around you. The feature, originally called Friendshake, was developed by the team behind Glancee, an app that helped users connect with the people around them. Tapping that takes you to basically the same screen you see if you use the mobile website instead.

While a lot of the apps out there for locating friends or getting in touch with the people around you can seem a little stalker-y, this one is actually pretty handy. There is a very specific set of rules to follow if you want to build the viral sensations that Buzzfeed has perfected, and they can be summed up in these five steps.
Follow these ten steps for choosing images, which in short form can be summed up like this. This might seem like overkill, but around number 22 your ideas will start to come from outside the box and creativity will flow through.
Buzzfeed quizzes are excellent and injecting personality into their quizzes and it’s a big part of the reason people love them so much.
If you stay in that range, your quiz is long enough to be believable but short enough to take less than three minutes, which is within our attention span.
We analyzed dozens of Buzzfeed quizzes and found that every result was positive and feeding the ego of the quiz taker.
The primary purpose is entertainment, with a smaller part being dedicated to actual learning and an even smaller part being dedicated to selling your product. Now all you have to do is make one for yourself and follow the rules they’ve set up for building highly share-able quizzes.
Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site!
The new Find Friends Nearby feature went live first as a mobile web page, but was quickly rolled out to the iOS and Android versions of Facebook's mobile app. When Glancee was bought by Facebook, the app's three developers went to work for Facebook and shut down Glancee. It sounds an awful lot like a feature Facebook already has - the ability to see who's checked in near you - combined with a feature Apple rolled out with iOS 5 last year - the Find My Friends app.

While you're there you discover that your friend has pretty good taste in friends, and you'd like to connect with some of the people you've met. Which means that until Facebook streamlines the feature a little, the only reason to use the mobile app instead of the webpage would be if you're not signed into Facebook on your phone's browser. People, and specifically faces, draw in our attention more than any other kind of image because we are wired to look for faces. We always put our best foot forward on social networks, so feed into that by keeping it positive.
Find Friends Nearby isn't about helping you find the people you're already friends with, though.
Usually that involves having each of them tell you their name (and, if they're anything like me, spell it for you) and sending friend requests one by one. In that case, navigating through the menus to get to Find Friends Nearby might be more convenient than typing in your password, especially if your password is long and complicated. While these new people you've met might be cool, they may not be cool enough to be worth all the hassle. You should have two options - Find Friends on Your Phone and Other Tools - above a list of people you may know. There you'll see a whole lot of ways to find new friends - your city, your home towm, your workplace, and so on.

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