To allow people to follow you, they must first send an invitation requesting to see your location, which must be accepted before your whereabouts will be shown on their map.
From the target device, you will need to accept the request while signed-in with your child’s iCloud ID. Finally, to prevent your kids from changing these settings, you will need to enable restrictions.
Apple employees are apparently already testing home-button free iPads and iPhones on the company's campus, which suggests the new design will debut on models launching in 2011. The application will prompt you to create an iCloud account when you sign in, if you (or your kids) don’t already have one. This allows the GPS location of the device to be shared on a server, so it can be viewed on another iPad, iPhone or Mac. Any friends who allow you to follow them will show as a purple dot on the application’s map. As several commenters suggested to us, and as BGR has apparently had confirmed by an Apple source, the gesture addition is designed to allow the company to do away with the physical button, instead returning to the homescreen or calling up the app switcher with multitouch swipes.

Meanwhile, Mac Rumors has spotted a "Find My Friends" feature mentioned in the iOS 4.3 beta, related to MobileMe, and presumed to be a location-based friend-finding service. It takes too much time to upload the photo to a computer or use a web-based app to edit it. Save time by editing right in the iPhone with a photo editor app like BeFunky Photo Editor.
It may not be able to tell you the exact spot in your home, but at least you have it for those times when you lose track of it. You send an email request to family and friends to get and give permission to track each other. Be aware apps like this drain the battery when in use.LuxeFinds Color Shopping EngineYou need to find black shirts for everyone for the family photo or you need a pair of shoes in a certain color. Just pick the color you want and LuxeFinds Color Shopping Engine lists items matching the color.
You not only find nearby restaurants, but also you can view menus and make your reservations within the app.PaperKarmaTired of getting snail mail spam?

Use ShopSavvy to scan the barcode or QR code to get a list of prices from local and online stores. TuneIn can play in the background while you use other apps as well as allow you to pause and rewind live radio.Zello Walkie TalkieRemember talking to your friends on a walkie talkie?
Zello works with Android, BlackBerry and PCs, so your friends without iPhones can use it to talk to you. Zello also has community channels so you can network with others passionate about a shared interest or learn a new language with users from all over the world.What apps do you recommend?

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