Users can access Find Friends in Facebook for iPhone by clicking the Friends icon on the home screen, and then the arrow button in the top right corner. These Facebook native mobile apps don’t allow users to edit their profiles, but the new updates can generate a special prompt asking users to add their phone number to their profile. By encouraging users to add their phone numbers, Facebook is looking to become a sort of cloud-phonebook.
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SEO Service Provider is a Google partner company, provides all kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Optimization (SMO) services. When users import their contacts from their email provider, they’re shown a list of non-friends they can send requests or invites to join Facebook to.
Having stored someone’s number may be a better indicator of friendship than having emailed them, so these mobile iterations of Find Friends might help Facebook make more accurate friend suggestions than the web version.
Now, all you have to do is to search users by the name with the help of Facebook search option.
You have given so much time sending friend requests to them and now it is time to share what they will like, what they will read, what they will listen, what they will share among their groups!
Facebook also uses the data to power friend suggestions for both the person who uploaded the contacts and the contacts on the list.

The prompt explains “When your number is on your profile, friends can use Facebook to call you. Its 2012, still if you have a pretty face, then you can be famous really quick (Suppose, you are a boy and you get a friend request from a very pretty girl.
Take a break for an hour after asking 100-200 people to be your friend, this method will keep your account safe. Suppose, you are a doctor and you want to be connected with all doctors group or let’s say you are a SEO expert and you want to be connected with SEO groups. If you have read all the above information and follow my techniques gently and in a steady process then you will make 5000 friends really soon! Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted that I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently! While a fundamental part of to site’s growth and loyalty strategy, Facebook has also had to┬árespond to German privacy concerns about the feature with changes.
If you hurry, if you want to run all the time, if you want to be famous in just one day or in a very short time then you my friend, will suffer. You have to find your friends and family members by searching their Email or First name, Last name. Because you can share something with the groups and each and every member of that group can see your post!

But, you want to be connected with all of your friends, colleagues, team mates, teachers, students, family members, girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, and almost with everyone!
Let’s assume, you have imported all friends and well-known members contact on your Facebook account, but your friend list is very small.
You want to share pictures, music, movies, games, apps, tutorials, funny jokes, dirty jokes, your thoughts on natural resources, your thoughts on political issues, democracy, etc. You want to be a star among them, you would like to see yourself as an Icon among them, you want to prove them that you are special, not just a random guy. So, you need friends and actually you need huge friends as well as subscribers under your profile. I will create another video tutorial and in that tutorial, I will show you, how you can find very common name based on your country.

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