She was speaking at the "Kill Dil" song launch, which also coincided with her 26th birthday. Talking about her role in, "Kill Dil", she said that she is playing "a very sophisticated and rich girl".
For a long time, I have been looking for the right guy, but haven't found yet," she said humorously. We understand that we couldn't have any kind of discussion without permission, without a legal framework behind it.
Allen stars as Joe Scheffer, a mild-mannered man who makes promotional videos for a Minneapolis pharmaceutical company.
Joe is divorced and quietly unhappy until the office bully, Mark McKinney (Patrick Warburton), punches him out in the company parking lot, in front of Joe's precocious young daughter (Hayden Panettiere of REMEMBER THE TITANS).

Ranbir and Katrina with their body doublesComplaint filed against Ajay Devgn for hurting religious sentimentsIt's confirmed! The humiliated Joe sinks into such a deep depression that not even the flirtations of the company's pretty "wellness coordinator" (Julie Bowen) can rouse him. Joe decides that he has to restore his pride by challenging McKinney to a fight, and suddenly finds himself the most popular man in the office.
Trailer of Jimmy Sheirgill's 'Shorgul' is outHere it is how Fardeen Khan responded to body shamers! Joe even hires a washed-up action movie star (Jim Belushi in a hilariously grizzled performance) to teach him martial arts.
He soon finds that he has to weigh the allure of his newfound popularity against the love and respect of those who liked him the way he was.

Screenwriter John Scott Shepherd does a good job of balancing slapstick comedy with touching family drama. Allen shows surprising range, giving a strong and sympathetic performance as an emotionally complex and dynamic character.

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