Genius Idea: Hey music snobs, are you tired of people asking you, "What kind of music do you listen to?" on dates ("Um, what does that question even mean? BizSpark is a startup program that gives you three-year access to the latest Microsoft development tools, as well as connecting you to a nationwide network of investors and incubators. After having helped thousands of men and women into committed, soulmate relationships, this is what I’ve found that will stop you from finding and recognizing your soulmate. The people, lovers, and partners who you attract into your life are always in alignment with your internal state.
If you’re constantly thinking negatively about yourself, the only people who you will connect with are the people who feel they can relate with your assessment of yourself. No man is going to want to date you if you have negative beliefs about men unless HE agrees with those beliefs.
If you want to connect with a soulmate who has a healthy outlook on life, make sure that your outlook is healthy.
If you want to stop intimidating men and begin creating a warm, attractive, inviting vibe instead, start by becoming your own soulmate. So instead of a man being intimidated by you, he’ll feel challenged to be as good if not better than your current, amazing single life is. Even if you intentionally change your thoughts and become your own soulmate, trauma from your past may prevent you from really connection with someone. And if you hold on to the pain, suffering, and resentment you have from your past experiences, you end up creating a wall between you and anyone who comes into your life.

But if you want a soulmate level relationship, allow yourself to have one by taking radical ownership over how you experience your life right now.
This takes forgiving yourself, forgiving others, and clearing a space so that you can receive your soulmate fully into your life.
Expecting your partner to be this perfect, ideal person you have made up in your head can actually kill your chances of being with someone who is perfect for you.
It will prevent you from knowing that what you have been searching for this entire time is directly in front of you. Are you ready to meet your soulmate? After coaching thousands of men and women in their dating and love lives, I’ve discovered there are only a few distinct barriers that stop a woman from attracting a quality man into a committed relationship. You Can Find Your Soulmate In Friendship Too Pinterest Pictures, You Can Find Your Soulmate In Friendship Too Facebook Images, You Can Find Your Soulmate In Friendship Too Photos for Tumblr.
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If those thoughts don’t align with the type of man you want to have, actively change your thoughts! Keep those feelings and thoughts at the forefront of your mind whenever you start to get negative.
Don’t allow friends, music, or movies into your life unless they feed your mind with uplifting, powerful thoughts and ideas. And if you start by giving these things to yourself before looking for them from someone else, you will become incredibly attractive to a man who wants to have that type of relationship with you.

Having expectations around the person and relationship will drive any healthy man away from you. Since features public profiles, the site can easily filter out your favorite artists and match you with a bevy of beauties(?) who share the same passion for Radiohead or Gawr or Miley Cyrus. When testing it out I was wholly unable to find any Jeffrey Lewis-loving dudes in a 10-mile radius of Brooklyn. The quiz claims to analyze "your friend list, posts and likes to find out who your real soulmate is!" We decided to find out who our Facebook soulmates are. Well, musicians Alex Parish and Julian Keenaghan have created a dating site perfect for folks who judge others solely by what's on their iPods.
Most of the users appear to be from England so far, which makes sense considering the founders are British. Also, you're matched solely based on musical tastes, and there's not much room for adding more info about yourself — you can add a description and a bio, but that's it. Still, if you're looking to hook up with someone that you can go to shows with — without lurking in record shops and looking over people's shoulders — TasteBuds should do the trick.

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