MTV's teen drama TV series "Finding Carter" has already been renewed for season two as its first season concluded last Sept.
Although there has been no premiere date yet for "Finding Carter" season two, the latest buzz is that the upcoming season will premiere in summer of 2015, approximately the same time as the first season's July 8 premiere. When it comes to her character's relationship with her daughter who has just returned, Watros commented that Elizabeth may be understanding Carter more and more. The show is about a young girl named Carter who was living quite peacefully with her mother Lori, until it was disclosed that Lori was not actually her real mother but someone who  kidnapped her when she was three. On the other hand, Carter's biological mom Elizabeth has set out to search for Lori to make her pay for abducting her child many years back.

Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham and "The Science Guy" Bill Nye have had their differences, especially concerning creationism, but Ham wants to set these aside as he invited Nye to visit the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.
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Carter was eventually returned to her biological family, but everyone discovers that things are not quite easy.
Meanwhile, Carter's biological father, in secret, is wrapping up his second book about his child's disappearance.
Ted Cruz in the White House, he is now stopping at nothing to support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

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