A former executive director of a family service agency, she has held senior level positions in child welfare, alcoholism treatment, and psychiatry.
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Right, African-American women wind up with some of the world's biggest losers in Jean Claude LaMarre's hilarious dating guide. The comments unrelated to your opinion about the movies will be removed by the Administration. Wrong, this cheeky comedy highlights dating mistakes and illuminates the way to finding the elusive good man.
Garry Guerrier, Jakquelyn Scott, John Jean, Kristian Bernard Kelly and Malik Barnhardt co-star. Right?By Marcia Naomi Berger, MSW, LCSW532 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet Is you’re attitude towards finding a good man sabotaging your efforts to find one?If you’re a woman who’s been wanting marriage for a long time, and it hasn’t happened, possibly your attitude has been holding you back. If you’re convinced that all the good men are taken, you may ignore fine men or reject them for nonsensical reasons.

You are less likely to notice or respond to signs of interest from them because they exist beneath your radar.If you’re sending yourself negative messages, examine them. It may be your excuse for not facing your ambivalence about marryingThere are too few single men in my area. So what?Julie was in her early thirties and living in Marin County, California, a suburban area filled with many married folks and relatively few single men. She drove over an hour to singles events in Santa Clara County, where many eligible men work in computer related industries. She met her husband of thirty-two years there.You no longer need to leave home these days to find “Mr.
As my mother, of blessed memory, used to say,    “It only takes one!”Men my age want a much younger woman Do you want someone who’s looking for a trophy wife? Emotionally mature men want not just chemistry, but also good character traits, similar values, common interests, and usually someone within a few years of their age, in either direction.Men want a thinner woman.Why would you want someone who’s overly concerned with superficial characteristics, such as height, weight, or income?
Others end because spouses have not learned how to communicate well.Become ProactiveTaking a proactive approach will vastly increase your ability to succeed.

Regardless of outward appearances, everyone has insecurities, eccentricities, hot buttons related to “unfinished business” from childhood, or something else.Actually, in a good marriage you can still be neurotic.
The important thing is to bring into consciousness any self-defeating attitude you might be believing. She offers and workshops for couples and singles, continuing education classes for therapists at National Association for Social Workers (NASW) conferences and online. She has taught also at the UCSF School of Medicine, UC Berkeley Extension, and Alliant International University.

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