The movie is about Jiajia, a woman who travels from China's mainland to Seattle to have her married boyfriend's baby, win his love and spend his money.
On New Year's Eve, the Chinese news network CCTV did a live broadcast from Seattle's Kerry Park for the movie.
Right" two stars, but that hasn't stopped Chinese tourists from flocking to the city since the movie debuted in China last March.

Determined to have the baby in the United States, the movie's trailer shows her telling a customs officer she loves Nora Ephron's "Sleepless in Seattle" ("I love that movie," she says, closing her eyes and shaking her fists. Right, turns out to be a former doctor who moved to Seattle for his daughter because his ex-wife's job moved them there. Right" earned more than 500 million yuan -- about $82.5 million a€“ since it's March debut in China, according to CCTV.

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