Snapchat peeved users in January when it yanked its popular "best friends" feature, which showed the people you snapped with the most. According to a blog post buried inside Snapchat Discover, a bunch of emoji will start popping up in your friends list starting on Monday.
The six emoji "weren't just our favorite ones (shout out to the poop emoji), they actually mean something super-important — they break down your whole squad," the post read.
Image: SnapchatBut unlike the old, relatively minor "best friends" feature, which was always turned on and publicly available to anyone you were friends with, only you can see the emoji. The removal of "best friends" in January caused an uproar from users and even forced CEO Evan Spiegel to explain himself.
The new emoji feature is the latest in a series of moves suggesting Snapchat is getting more serious about privacy and security. Snapchat announced last week it was ramping up security and restricting access to outside developers.

The first TV spot for Marvel's upcoming TV series "Marvel's Agent Carter" was released by ABC on Tuesday. Back in May "Agent Carter" star, Hayley Atwell, revealed details about the new series in a video interview with Marvel. Atwell continued on to say that she understands that fans want to get to know Peggy Carter better and see what irks her. Lastly, she also revealed that the season will last eight episodes, that will help flesh out her character and said that fans won't be disappointed. The app update also introduces two other features: A new low-light camera mode serves up improved shots snapped in darker settings, and a section called "Needs Love" now appears under "Recents," encouraging users to send snaps to people they haven't interacted with in a while. Rather, they represent different levels, and will show up alongside Snapchat users with whom you snap the most. The days of being able to stalk your friends and see who they snapped with the most — ex-boyfriend?

A few higher-profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private - we'll come up with a better way to do that.
Last May, the startup settled charges with the Federal Trade Commission that alleged Snapchat deceived users about the "disappearing" nature of their photos.
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