Riviera Cork Wedges, $215, available at American Rag, 150 South La Brea Avenue (at 2nd Street); 323-935-3154.
Essential #2: Cute Cocktail Dress—Nothing is easier to slip into than the perfect cocktail dress. Essential #3: Thin Brown Belt—Keep the focus on your shape with this brown leather belt cinched at the natural waist. Skinny Feathered Edge Leather Belt ,$30, available at American Apparel, Robertson Boulevard (at Burton Way); 310-385-9183. Essential #4: Sleek Hair Helper—The classic ponytail-turned-bun is emerging as the go-to hairstyle for fall. The Ponytail Styling Lotion, $22, available at Sephora, 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Century Park East); 310-843-0123. Essential #5: The Mini Messenger—Keep your baggage—emotional and otherwise—to a minimum with this small and superb Madewell cross-body bag. Canyon Messenger, $128, available at Madewell, 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Avenue of the Stars); 310-772-0428. Despite the common notion that only women do a lot of prepping before a date, many men find themselves in the same boat.
On the other hand, if you’re looking to dress things up a bit but do not want to go overboard, a smart-casual attire is the key. Since a date is not a business meeting you can skip the entire ensemble and just wear the jacket with dark jeans or chinos.

Before you roll out your tuxedo or settle for a shorts and flip flops put a little thought into where you’re going. While these style tips will help you put together a simple yet impressive outfit for a date, don’t forget to let your date look beyond what you wear. Author Bio: Fashion and style writer Regina keeps up with current men’s wear trends and shares these with readers through blogs. Fashion Digest will focus on the latest news and trends in the wild and unpredictable world of fashion. And we know first hand, so we've gone ahead and whipped up the ideal example of what to rock when you're trying to meet Mr.
They'll go with everything this fall, but we love the way the neutral color offsets the deep gem shade of this long-sleeve dress the most. This 3.1 Phillip Lim number comes in the most amazing deep purple hue and has super-flattering pleats and folds, so it's always sexy, and never snoozy.
It draws the eye to the smallest part of your bod, and ties together the shoes and the bag. Whether it's sleek and minimal or a little messy, ensure you don't have any fly-aways with HerCut's brand new product. Just tell us in the comments of this story about your best—or worst—first date and the most memorable answer will get this Low Luv by Erin Wasson gold bangle from Feature Boutique. Both casual and smart casual outfits go well with classic footwear such as loafers, sneakers, chukka boots, boat shoes and slip-ons.

What you decide to wear for a date will depend a lot on where you’re headed.The movies, a park or a coffee shop will often call for something that is more on the casual side. With a sway towards fashtech and wearabale technology I will aim to bring you up to speed with smart fabrics, e-commerce and augmented shopping channels that are poised to dominate the fashion world.
On the other hand if you are going out to dinner, having a few drinks or going somewhere fancy, you may want to dress up a little bit. Of course, that's not the case for self-described minimalists, but to women who like a little bit of oooh! Having your best foot forward is not unusual and this can start with looking good and wearing the right outfit. Opt for a little long-sleeved dress in an unexpected shade of purple, and layer on a slim belt to play up the hourglass silhouette. Just add the perfect subtle shoes and bag, plus an effortless top-knot, and get ready to score—style-wise, at least.

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