Any type of skirt would be appropriate except the mini skirt as you don’t want to be showing off too much on your first date itself. As with everything, there are pros and cons, and even though social media and technology might make the initial date easier, it doesn’t mean it will be a piece of cake.
You might also find 10 First Date Mistakes and this Online Dating Guide For Girls useful for gaining even more insight regarding first date tips.
If something goes terribly wrong, your lady friend might tell everyone she knows on Twitter and Facebook all about it. If I could humbly offer guys one piece of first date advice, I would say to keep your phone in our pocket during the whole date. You are headed for your first date and still haven’t decided on your outfit for the day. Yes, they mostly come in black, brown, gray or blue, but can be found in other unconventional colors too.

In the old days, guys had to build up the courage to ask a girl out on a date, and he risked rejection in the harshest way.
One thing about dating that has not changed is that it’s still important to have some basic manners. There should be no tweeting, no facebooking, no foursquaring, no emailing, no DM’ing and no answering the phone. Then you have just come the right way for here are tips that will help you to look your best on that first date. If you want to accessorize your outfit, then you could opt for colorful wooden bangles or studs.
This infographic below called Surviving First Dates With A Little Help From Your Tech by Neo Mammalian Studios is really just a refresher in dating manners put together in the format of first date tips. You can go wild with the colors, though whites, pinks, blues and yellows are preferred as they bring out the girly side of you.

And if it goes well with your outfit, then try putting on a stylish belt just above the waist. Today’s technology allows a guy to get to know a special lady on a very personal level before ever asking her on a first date.
If you are unsure about the basics, read this and remember the advice when you are on your next date.
Now that I think about it, I suppose some first date tips for guys and girls might still come in handy.

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