Instead of dragging the romance on, the couples are interviewed immediately after their date and asked if they want to go on a second. Obviously, being an Aussie reality show it’s filled with stereotypes like the international model, the city guy and the small town country girl. A very famous family will be joining the contestants on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here – the Irwins are heading into the jungle! Every week we are hearing more and more amazing info about the Gilmore Girls revival, however, this latest news has us wanting to cry! How Does Warnie's Daughter Feel About Him Walking Around In His Undies On I'm A Celeb? We knew JT had a great set of pipes, but did we know he knew (most of) the words to the '90s jam "Jump"?
The only thing better than James Marsden and Katherine Heigl singing "Bennie and the Jets" on a bar is when his character makes fun of hers for not knowing the lyrics. Is there anything more romantic than a guy trying to earn your attention by singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" accompanied by the school marching band? He does angry, heartbroken karaoke later on in the movie, but I much prefer watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt deliver a fun rendition of The Pixies' "Here Comes Your Man" in happier times. Ryan Gosling is a vocalist in a band, so we know he doesn't "have to sing goofy," like his character insists.
Home alone, singing a rock song at the top of your lungs with a glass of wine in your hand? Clearly, dudes recognise that singing a song to their ladies is romantic, but here's Adam Scott kind of bungling it (but being charming nonetheless).
As one character puts it, "Tone deaf and drunk is not a good combination." It is, however, a very funny combination. The launch episode of First Dates made fanatics out of all of us — there's something so interesting about watching people go on blind dates!
In episode two we meet five new couples (but one familiar face) and, just like last week's episode, we couldn't wait to see their verdicts at the end. They're practically having orgasms while they eat their oysters and stare into each other's eyes.

Get them into the verdict room though, and Donna says he's not the person she's looking for.
Deedee's looking for someone tall, dark and handsome, and someone who's funny, smart and driven. Deedee's explaining her beauty pageant history and wants to know how Sean feels about it; she's used to being judged. When it's time for the verdict, Sean says to the camera, "I'm going to date her, I think." She finds this hilarious and agrees to see him again. Stephanie loves makeup but "without makeup I'm not a complete troll." She sounds funny so far! He tells Stephanie he's a topless waiter and she gives him a cheers — at least she's light-hearted! They come to order and she asks for risotto with the "chives 18," not realising that 18 indicates the price of the meal. They discover they both love karaoke and she, like some kind of genius, correctly guesses that his song is "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. She confesses she's a makeup fiend but he's all good with that because he likes a girl who puts effort into how she looks. But then it's time for the result and the producer's question of a second date is met with a "Probably not" from Jordan. He's definitely running the show a bit more than Corbin did in Lauren's date with him last week. They're bonding over work and careers and he tells her he's never had anyone understand his career as well as she does. She tells him she's realised no one is going to tick all the boxes and that she now realises looks aren't all that important. Lauren is anxious because she likes him but "he's normally someone I would reject." She calls a friend for advice and tells him she doesn't know what to do. As they chat about their lives and what they want in their futures, they seem to be on exactly the same page. It’s like having a bestie and wingman watching over them as they fumble their way through the awkwardness.

Even if you might be a little too shy to sing your guts out in public, actors generally aren't. Because a scary group of dudes think his character Evan is "Jimmy's brother," who's apparently a great singer. Watch her character Olive become slowly obsessed with the Natasha Bedingfield song "Pocketful of Sunshine" over the course of a few days.
The best part of each episode is seeing how people interact differently when they're meeting someone new. He says most women in Sydney are intimidating, but he's thinking about the next stage of his life. She's been single for two years, says she's a guys' girl and not exactly girlfriend material. I love hearing stars belting out music in movies, but I'm not talking about polished musicals — I'm talking about funny, sometimes embarrassing, and sometimes surprisingly pitch-perfect singing in movies.
From awkward jokes and witty one-liners, to endless questions and nervous laughing, no one is the same and no one feels perfectly comfortable .
She asks him what the oil and salt on the table is for and he's just a little bit baffled that she doesn't know it's for the bread .
If you can't hear the song "Pocketful of Sunshine" without thinking of Emma Stone, or if the oldie "These Eyes" reminds you of Superbad, then you'll get a kick out of this slideshow. Click through to watch the clips and sing along while your favourite actors are singing along.
This cover of "Mockingbird" may be annoying to their road-trip companion, but this scene is one of the funniest sing-alongs of all time. A stringy, cheesy, wine-flavoured bond that only a postdate laxative can dislodge.The Swiss might be neutral, but their melted cheese has invaded our hearts.
Laugh at her Kiwi accent and you’re likely to get shivved by a hollowed-out mud crab claw.Of course, if the violence, mess and inevitable forced starvation (have you tried getting a whole meal out of a crab?

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