But if you stick with it, you’ll see that 50 First Dates falls somewhere between The Wedding Singer and Punch Drunk Love.
And surprisingly enough, it works.Adam Sandler stars as Henry Roth, a veterinarian living in Hawaii who specializes in getting vacationing women in the sack. They agree to meet the next day for breakfast, but when Henry shows up, Lucy has no idea who he is. She and her dad, Marlin (Clark), were in a car accident that resulted in her memory being scraped clean every twenty-four hours.
While I had a bit of a hard time believing that someone as shallow as Henry would all of the sudden drop everything in his life to help this girl fall in love with him again everyday, I found the film surprisingly winning.

He is a notch up on the hyper scale from his Barry in Punch Drunk Love, but Sandler again exposes his sensitive side in a film. I consider this progress.Drew Barrymore does more of the same, which is basically look at the camera and smile, but she pulls off memory loss very well.
She even displays some very convincing dramatic acting when she is faced with her condition.
A very nice surprise.Even with all that, no Sandler movie is complete without the trademark weird characters. This time around we have Rob Schneider (who I swear must lose bets to wind up in parts like this) as Ula, Henry’s very high and almost unintelligible friend.

Sean Astin, however, is entertaining as Doug, a shrimp who thinks he is ripped.When all is said and done 50 First Dates emerges as an endearing romantic comedy, with a nice balance of both.
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